UW-Green Bay Officer Sabrina Duchateau honored, recently


Officer Sabrina Duchateau

UW-Green Bay Police Office Sabrina Duchateau was recognized at the first-ever Respect for Law Banquet hosted by the Green Bay Preble Optimist Club, recently, as a way to honor police officers within the Brown County Community as well as to raise money to support a new scholarship fund for individuals working towards a career in Law Enforcement.

In 2017, while providing a mutual aid assist for the Brown County Sheriff’s Department, she deployed lifesaving services to a member of our county community. (Read the feature).

According to her nominator:

Officer Duchateau has been a member of the UW-Green Bay Public Safety team for more than 14 years. While working full time as a security officer, she put herself through the police academy and became a fully sworn police officer in 2005. She has played several key roles during her tenure as a police officer. She has taken on the challenge of writing and maintaining a successful 14-week Field Training Program that has produced countless quality police officers. She is a certified Vehicle Contacts instructor as well as a CPR instructor. Duchateau is an exemplary representative of a police officer who takes pride in the community they serve.

Off duty, she maintains, the “always a cop lifestyle” by donating her personal time to represent all law enforcement officers in a positive light. She volunteers her time to Shop With A Cop, COPS Kids Camp, providing escorts from the airport, representing positive female role models to a local group of girl scouts, and representing law enforcement during annual police week events. Duchateau continues to be a mentor and resource to law enforcement officers within her department as well as law enforcement officers that she has previously trained after they have departed to work at other agencies.

While at the ceremony, Duchateau was approached by the wife of the man she saved this past year in Brown County. They shared a moment and she was able to meet the husband and wife at the ceremony.


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