Sheboygan Campus celebrates with Honors Convocation

The UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus held an Honors Convocation the evening of May 9, 2019. The event began with an award presentation program followed by a reception in celebration of the success and achievements of the Honors Convocation recipients. The program included Faculty/Staff and Student Recognition Awards, Athletic Awards, Presentation of Scholarships, and Introduction of new Phi Theta Kappa members. Acknowledgements are listed below.

Faculty and Staff Recognition Awards

Presented by: CEO Jennifer Williamson-Mendez

Recognition Honoree
Teacher of the Year James Kabrhel
Faculty Service Award Valerie Murrenus-Pilmaier
IAS Teaching Award Synde Kraus
Staff Service Award Mark Krell
Spirit of UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus Award William Dirienzo

Student Recognition Awards

English recognition presented by Valerie Murrenus-Pilmaier
Philosophy recognition presented by David Louzecky
Valedictorian presented by Jennifer Williamson-Mendez, CEO

Recognition Honoree
English Student Recognition Haile Thuene
English Student Recognition TJ Schmidt
English Student Recognition Alyssa Krieg
English Student Recognition Megan Rammer
Philosophy Student Recognition Trevor Anttila
Philosophy Student Recognition Charlie Bruss
Philosophy Student Recognition Elijah Carlson
Philosophy Student Recognition Levi Kohlmann
Philosophy Student Recognition Dorothy McElroy
Philosophy Student Recognition Davon Mayer
Philosophy Student Recognition Noah Paquette
Valedictorian Joshua Becker
Graduate of the Year Announced at Ceremony

Continuing Student Scholarships

Announced by: Ms. Allyson Olivier, executive director, UW-Sheboygan County Foundation
Presented by: Ms. Lydia Luebke, executive assistant, UW-Foundation County Foundation   

Recipient Scholarship Award
Adam McCabe Alliant Energy Scholars Award
Paige Morgan Alliant Energy Scholars Award
Adam McCabe Bailey Scholars Memorial Award
Amanda Hartlaub Alan B. Breirather Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth Valdez Frank G. & Frieda K. Brotz Science Scholarship
Jossiel Delgado George & Jane Cleary Memorial Scholarship
Tiffany Chang James Heidt Earth Science Scholarship
Kaitlin Wieberdink Emily Hughes Memorial Scholarship
Anastasia Gordziej JACMJ Scholarship
Casey Hoerth JACMJ Scholarship
Morgan Walcott JACMJ Scholarship
Ivan Pulido Kohler Company Engineering Scholarship
Zach Schroeder Kohler Company Engineering Scholarship
John TenPas N.E.W. Manufacturing Alliance Scholarship
Paige Morgan Hugh & Ruth V. Ross Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Roger Fischer The Ben & Ann Salzmann Award
Anastasia Gordziej Barrett Scherff Life Sciences Award
Casey Hoerth Barrett Scherff Life Sciences Award
Madalyn Clarke Sheboygan Service Foundation Scholarship
Rebecca Hilbelink Sheboygan Service Foundation Scholarship
John TenPas Sheboygan Service Foundation Scholarship
Rebecca Hilbelink UW-Sheboygan Foundation Arts Scholarship
Bailey Harrington UW-Sheboygan Foundation Community Award
Joseph Antilla UW-Sheboygan Foundation Continuing Scholarship
Roger Fischer UW-Sheboygan Foundation Continuing Scholarship
Baily Harrington UW-Sheboygan Foundation Continuing Scholarship
Alexis Kerr UW-Sheboygan Foundation Continuing Scholarship
Rebecca Urbina UW-Sheboygan Foundation Continuing Scholarship
Natalie Vorpahl UW-Sheboygan Foundation Continuing Scholarship
Jacob Eernisse Wagner Foundation Scholars Program
Hailey Lanser Wagner Foundation Scholars Program
Keith D’Amato Wagner Foundation Scholars Program
Jossiel Delgado Wagner Foundation Scholars Program
Sabrina Maric Andrew S. Zieve Memorial Scholarship

Athletic Awards

Announced by: Penny Maletzke, Athletic Director
Presented by: William Greenwood III, Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Men’s Golf

Recognition Honoree
Second team All-Conference Keegan Reinhart
Second team All-Conference Ashton Elmendorf

Women’s Volleyball

Recognition Honoree
Distinguished Academic All-Conference Jackie Stielow
Academic All-Conference and WCC Second team All-Conference Paige Gabrielse
Max Sparger Scholar Athlete Award
WCC First team All-Conference
WCC All-Tournament Team
Distinguished Academic All-Conference
Erika Monson

Men’s Basketball

Recognition Honoree
Academic All-Conference Trevor Anttila
Academic All-Conference Oscar Morales
Academic All-Conference
WCC First Team All-Conference
WCC Player of the Year
WCC All-Tournament Team
Dylan Martens
WCC Second Team All-Conference Quentin Beaudoin
WCC Second Team All-Conference Steve Sokolowski

Women’s Tennis

Recognition Honoree
Distinguished Academic All-Conference Catherine Sutherland
Distinguished Academic All-Conference Julia Zahn

Phi Theta Kappa: New Members

Announced and Presented by: Alise Coen

  • Axel Crossley/Brandt
  • Autumn Pitz
  • Lydia Luebke
  • Jennifer Preskar
  • Emily Catena
  • Erika Monson

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