Facts and figures: Commencement, May 2011


•  About 850 eligible to participate in Commencement exercises on Saturday

•  About 675 have signed up to actually participate, to “march” in cap and gown

•  Breaking down those numbers… as of May 2, the 848 “eligible” breaks down as follows: 715 students had registered to complete their degree requirements by the end of spring semester; another 133 intend to complete requirements this summer. (Projected graduates of both May and August are eligible to participate in the May 14 ceremony.)

•  Of the 848 students, 94 % (or 793) are undergraduate degree candidates. The remaining 55 are master’s degree candidates.

•  The number of undergraduate degree candidates (793) is an all-time record, up 8 % from last year.

•  The number of master’s degree graduates is up 31% from last year.


•  Undergraduate candidates range in age from 19 to 73, with a mean average of 26 years old. 30% of the undergraduate candidates are 25 or older.

•  For master’s degree candidates, 53 of 55, or 96% are 25 or older.  The master’s candidates range in age from 24 to 58, with a mean average of 33.


Over two-thirds (68% or n=537) of the undergraduate degree candidates are women and a larger proportion (87% or n=48) of the graduate degree candidates are women.


•  The master’s candidates include 3 Native Americans, 1 Asian American and 1 Hispanic American, with a total of 9% of master’s candidates representing minority backgrounds.  The undergraduate candidates include 68 students of color (9% of the total) from a range of backgrounds: 24 Asian American, 15 Native American, 9 Mexican or Hispanic American, 9 African American, and 11 from multiple racial or ethnic categories.

•  Graduates represent various nations of origin including Cameroon, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom, Zambia and the United States.

•  Sovereign American Indian nations represented among the graduates include the Chippewa Cree (Bad River Tribe); Menominee, Oneida and Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican.

•  Graduates come from 27 U.S. states


•  Majors with the largest number of eligible candidates listed in the printed Commencement booklet are: Business Administration, 122;  Psychology, 94;  Human Biology, 86;  Interdisciplinary Studies, 77; Human Development, 65; Nursing, 47;  Communication, 45; and Elementary Education, 38; Accounting, 30.

Among the 55 master’s degree candidates, the breakdown is as follows: Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning (a master’s for educators), 23;  Social Work, 19;  Management, 9; Environmental Science and Policy, 4


•  Area high schools are well-represented among potential graduates.  Almost a quarter (24% or n=192) of the undergraduate degree applicants completed high school in Brown County, WI.

•  Schools with 10 or more alumni applying to graduate this May or August:

  • Green Bay Preble, 48
  • Green Bay East, 26
  • Manitowoc Lincoln,  23
  • Green Bay Southwest, 19
  • Bay Port, 18
  • Ashwaubenon, 17
  • Green Bay West, 17
  • Pulaski, 17
  • Hortonville, 12
  • West De Pere, 12
  • Luxemburg Casco, 11
  • Sheboygan North, 10
  • De Pere, 10
  • Seymour, 10


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