Applause, cheers greet award-winning faculty

Student cheers greeted recognition of award-winning UW-Green Bay faculty members at spring commencement May 14 at the Kress Events Center on campus.

Faculty members in UW-Green Bay’s Education program posed with master’s degree candidates (above) prior to the ceremony. The photo was taken in the Dick Bennett Gym staging area.

Early in the formal program, Regent Judy Crain lauded both the Education department and Human Development Prof. Regan Gurung. As part of her formal remarks, bringing greetings on behalf of the UW System, Crain noted that UW-Green Bay received two of three statewide Regent Teaching Awards this year.

Regent Judy Crain“Dr. Gurung is a difference-maker in our community, with his teaching and research — and so, too, is the Education program, with the Center for First Nations Studies, Phuture Phoenix, and much more,” said Crain (right).

“Together, these individuals represent so many outstanding educators and staff at UW-Green Bay, and I know that the graduates are deeply grateful for the crucial roles they have played in their educational experience.”

Her words were greeted with applause from the audience and loud cheers from students in Gurung’s areas of Human Development and Psychology, and even louder cheers from soon-to-be-graduates seated in the Education section on the Kress Events Center floor.

Gurung posed with students prior to the ceremony (below).


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