A commencement poem

Returning adult student and published poet Carleen Horner, a Human Development major from Sturgeon Bay, was once featured at the Academic Excellence Symposium for the way she uses poetry to examine and value her own life experiences, and for encouraging others to do the same, even (and especially) if they study or work in fields not typically associated with the creative arts. She sends the LOG a poem or two periodically. Graduating this Saturday, the time was right for another:

Now is the Time
by Carleen Horner

Think back to the very first day
Way back when, years ago
As you mapped your way

Each journey started for a different reason
Many believed it was just expected to be
Others making up for lost time to be won

But now the day quickly approaches, it is time
As you prepare your plans after you graduate
Dare to question yourself just how you can shine

Transforming from student into alumni
Tears of joy, pride, and achievement
Saying congratulations and good-byes

Pencils down, close the textbooks with pleasure not sorrow
Don’t just walk across the stage
But dare to dream of a better tomorrow

You have achieved more than any test can measure
You offer new skills and talents never realized
You have the potential to bring your voice and treasures

Promise to use your knowledge for good
Focus always to bring unity to your community
Enrich the lives of those in your neighborhood

Step across the threshold proudly; Go Bold
As a graduate of UW-Green Bay, now is the time
Open doors to solve the problems of the real world

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