Video: In fall semester form, faculty and staff and peers from all four campuses congratulate UW-Green Bay graduates

In true, fall semester form, UW-Green Bay faculty and staff from all four campuses, worked together to send this virtual message to UW-Green Bay’s Fall/Winter 2020 Graduates. The campus community hopes to celebrate with you in spring of 2021. Congratulations! You did it!

Class of 2020, it’s been quite a year, but you did it!

Navigated college, completed internships, exams and term papers while juggling jobs, friends, family, and everything else. And You made it!

You also made this University and our community a better place through your contributions, research, and projects.

You grew during your time here at Green Bay to find your way forward to your next challenge.

But what’s most impressive about the Class of 2020 is that you figured it out. Not only how to attend college during a global pandemic, but also endure.

Watching hours of online lectures without falling asleep, becoming a Zoom master, by wearing your mask and keeping it all together, even six feet apart.

You’ve risen above and beyond, and that’s what makes the Phoenix class of 2020:



And admirable.

We want to say thank you in person this May.  

Because, class of 2020, you did it!

Calling all Spring 2020 Grads!

UW-Green Bay Spring 2020 Graduating Seniors! We want to celebrate YOU!

Please submit a horizontal 1080p video answering the following questions (please restate the question in your own words and record your response):

  • Introduce yourself: “Name” graduating from UW-Green Bay campus with a degree in (Major).
  • What do you miss most about campus life?
  • Reflect on your UW-Green Bay experience, and what are you grateful for?
  • Do you feel dealing with COVID-19 learning/life challenges made you more resilient/stronger?
  • What makes you most proud about being a UW-Green Bay graduate?

When you’re ready, upload video clips here:

Thank you, seniors!

Photos: Commencement is a joyful time for graduates and those who support them

Parents, friends, peer groups, children, suite mates, grandparents, faculty members… the list is long of those who support their special graduate at commencement. In some cases, the 2019 UW-Green Bay graduates are the first in their families to earn a college degree. It’s a BIG day and a joyful occasion. We captured a few of those post-commencement moments.

Click to advance slideshow or view the album on Flickr.

Happy Graduates 05-18-19

– Photos by Dan Moore and Liesl Sigourney, Marketing and University Communication

UW-Green Bay releases list of December 2016 graduates

Commencement Ceremony is Saturday, Dec. 17 at the Weidner Center

Green Bay, Wis. — About 315 of the 434 graduating seniors from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will take part in commencement ceremonies at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 17. Award-winning professor of Spanish, Latin American Studies and Global Studies, Cristina Ortiz, will deliver the commencement address at the winter ceremony. Vincenzo (Vince) Badalamenti, a psychology major, has been selected to speak on behalf of his graduating class by a committee of UW-Green Bay faculty members and administrators.

The ceremony will honor students who have applied to graduate in December or at the end of the interim session in January. The December commencement is the 94th in school history. UW-Green Bay has held two ceremonies annually, at the close of spring and fall semesters, since the first class graduated on June 1, 1970.


  • Justin Baker
  • Debra J. Bellin
  • Anita Michele Blatnik
  • Nicole Christine Cornell
  • Tyler Alan Davis
  • Katie Emily Eichman
  • Tyler Michael Fenner
  • Mallory Jean Gauerke
  • Evan Edward Geiser
  • Matthew Jacob Green
  • Rebecca Jean Halfacre
  • Emily R. Hamilton
  • Dietrich R. Haynes
  • Irene Marion Hoang
  • Mark Robert Hunter
  • Laura Lee Jones
  • Kathryn Grace Kellow
  • Marlee Ann Kiander
  • Elizabeth Kay Kroll
  • Kendall Laurent
  • Danielle Jeanette Lidbeck
  • Angela Liewald
  • Ryan James Liske
  • Hailey Mikayla McDermott
  • Hannah Margaret Mueller
  • Mitchell Ryan Ostrenga
  • Chelsea Anne Patek
  • Kelsie Grace Petersen
  • Kaylee Sara Proctor
  • Samantha Faith Sailer
  • Susan D. Santana
  • Lynn E. Schemm
  • Alexa Brienne Schwartz
  • Tammy Lynn Stanislawski
  • Nermana Turajlic
  • Aaron Robert Tyler
  • Gustavo Velazquez
  • Robert Welsh
  • Mackenzie Nicole Wink


  • Matthew Allen Behrs
  • Jonathan Edward Block
  • Kayla Lynn Bolssen
  • Erika Mae Braun
  • Tiffany Terese Canham
  • Montana Rae Connell
  • Rebecca Anne Conoley
  • Janae Nicole Due
  • Avery James Faehling
  • Brooke Ann Ferdon
  • Janelle Kathleen Lannoye
  • Annette E. Nehring
  • Meghan Marie O’Neill
  • Taylor Keegan Pride
  • Sean Patrick Roherty
  • Jessica Lynn Stewart
  • Corey Roger Swanningson
  • Andrew Patrick Taylor
  • Sheila Kay Teunissen
  • Zuomiao Zhou


  • Elisabeth Murphy Aubry
  • Vincenzo Badalamenti
  • Breanna Violet Bierl
  • Tara M. Broughton
  • Briana Cavin
  • Margaret Hanna Clark
  • Collin John Clemens
  • Chase Joseph Collins
  • Racheal Lynn Cummings
  • Amr Saeed Dahroug
  • Jordyn Marie DeBraal
  • Courtney Jeanette DeKeyser
  • Jessie Lakota Dinelli
  • Desiree Emma Dombrowski
  • Ashlie Mishele Dotson
  • Tasha Marie Eichmeier
  • Rachel Lee Elliott
  • Sarah Elizabeth Fannin
  • Alysha Marie Ferron
  • Hannah Martha French
  • Leopold Johann Richard Gomez-Islinger
  • Matthew Anthony Hart
  • Dawnell Lynn Klein
  • Matthew Edward Knorr
  • Elizabeth Ann Kohlmann
  • Joseph Perfecto Lacenski
  • Stephanie Ann Laude
  • Heather Lea Lewin
  • Tina Marie Mccracken
  • Tricia Elaine Michiels
  • Sarah R. Nolte
  • Lauren Alyssa Nowak
  • Tina Marie Nowak
  • Scott Clark Pamperin
  • Katie Morgan Prigge
  • Roberto Rodriguez
  • Sabrina Kay Roehl
  • Ashley Marie Romanek
  • Keri Ann Routhieaux
  • Briana Mary Schingeck
  • David Erik Seas
  • Allison Elizabeth Shepard
  • Shannon Stafslien
  • Alexandra Guadalupe Torres
  • LaShawna Annett Tucker
  • Victoria Ann Wilke
  • Pamai Nou Xiong
  • Michaela Melissa Yopps
  • Joshua James Ziegelbauer


  • Vincenzo Badalamenti
  • Racheal Cummings
  • Jordyn Marie DeBraal
  • Emily R. Hamilton
  • Irene Marion Hoang
  • Kathryn Grace Kellow
  • Nermana Turajlic
  • Mackenzie Nicole Wink




  • Natalie Mae Faas, M.S.
  • Brian Joseph Farrell, M.S.
  • Elizabeth Anne Godfryt, M.S.
  • Morgan Malcore, M.S.
  • Anna Simono, M.S.
  • Kimberly Maria Stauber, M.S.
  • Matthew Zittlow, M.S.



  • Brianna G. Kupsky, M.S.
  • Morgan Mackenzie Pemberton, M.S.
  • Megan C. Sprovach, M.S.


  • Sherry Ann Aaholm, M.S.




  • Christina Ann Drinville, A.A.S.
  • Carnardo Demmond Johnson, A.A.S.
  • Ben Lee Kolka, A.A.S.
  • Danette Renee Nava, A.A.S.
  • Amanda Lynne Pizarro, A.A.S.
  • Tyler Stuebs, A.A.S.
  • Christina Layne DuBois, A.A.S.



  • Cecelia Mary Graves, B.A.
  • Emma Bea Hitzman, B.A.
  • Emily Rose Hlava, B.A.
  • Yang Hu, B.A.
  • Emily Anne Lindsley, B.A.
  • Lindsey Carol Miller, B.A.
  • Paige Marie Nordstrom, B.A.


  • Mariah Noel Himmelwright, B.A.
  • Hannah Claire Lewis, B.A.
  • Lynn E. Schemm, B.A.


  • Elisabeth Murphy Aubry, B.A.
  • Jessica Lynn Austreng, B.A.
  • Breanna Violet Bierl, B.A.
  • Anita Michele Blatnik, B.A.
  • Nicole Christine Cornell, B.A.
  • Avery James Faehling, B.A.
  • Maria Jacqueline Gillis, B.A.
  • Amanda Lee Graham, B.A.
  • Christian William Livingston, B.A.
  • Bridget Sue Murphy, B.A.
  • Katie Morgan Prigge, B.A.
  • Erica Lynn Ropson, B.A.
  • Samantha Faith Sailer, B.A.
  • Cassie Michele Sterwald, B.A.
  • Katelynn Renee Vlachina, B.A.


  • Brennen Joseph Frisque, B.S.
  • Matthew Anthony Hart, B.S.
  • Jacob Michael Labeots, B.S.
  • Mitchell Ryan Ostrenga, B.S.
  • Chelsea Anne Patek, B.S.
  • Ethan Skylar Potts, B.S.
  • Landon W. Rehn, B.S.
  • Corey Roger Swanningson, B.S.
  • Adam M. Ulman, B.S.


  • Andrew Carson Bost, B.S.
  • Shawna Loraine Coron, B.S.
  • Kyle James Grathen, B.S.
  • Daniel George Julian Malcore, B.S.
  • Alex Daniel Roberts, B.S.
  • Andrew Leon Schuba, B.S.
  • Allyson Luann Schuber, B.S.


  • Luzmyrna Cortez, B.A.
  • Azucena Delgado, B.A.
  • Lacey A. Duckart, B.A.
  • Daniel Allen Hatland, B.A.
  • Joshua Mark Hedrington, B.A.
  • Allison Marie Kitkowski, B.A.
  • Emily Anne Lindsley, B.A.
  • Hailey Mikayla McDermott, B.A.
  • Katie Morgan Prigge, B.A.
  • Sheila Kay Teunissen, B.A.


  • Justin Baker, B.S.
  • Sandeep Singh Panu, B.S.
  • Kyle Paulsen, B.S.
  • Tiffany Alison Williams, B.S.


  • Ryan Christopher Antonelli, B.A. †
  • Jonathan Edward Block, B.A.
  • Margaret Hanna Clark, B.A. †
  • Janae Nicole Due, B.A.
  • Daniel Allen Hatland, B.A.
  • Joshua Mark Hedrington, B.A.
  • Timlim Her, B.A.
  • Irene Marion Hoang, B.A. †
  • Amanda Rose Klukas, B.A.
  • Elizabeth Ann Kohlmann, B.A.
  • Elizabeth Olds, B.A.
  • Roberto Rodriguez, B.A.
  • David Erik Seas, B.A. †
  • Samantha Jo Skifton, B.A. †
  • Nora Leigh Thurber, B.A. †
  • Alexandra Guadalupe Torres, B.A.
  • Kelsie Marie Vieaux, B.A.


  • Dalton Charles Aderholdt, B.S.
  • Andrew Carson Bost, B.S.
  • Erik Robert Olsen, B.S.
  • Tyler John Welch, B.S.
  • Megan White, B.S.


  •  Elizabeth Ann Peterson, B.A.


  • Samantha Jo Skifton, B.A. †


  • Racheal Lynn Cummings, B.A.
  • Justin Ross Lambrecht, B.A.
  • Thomas Paul Moule, B.A.
  • Scott Clark Pamperin, B.A. †
  • Andrea Noelle Schroeder, B.A.


  •  Lisa Barnaby, B.S.
  • Brianna Michelle Bell, B.S.
  • Haily Ann Blazer, B.S.
  • Rebecca Jacyln Brownell, B.S.
  • Elizabeth Kelly Burback, B.S.
  • Her Chang, B.S.
  • Angela Marie Cheslock, B.S.
  • Amber Marie Connaher, B.S.
  • Alyssa Anne Cornell, B.S.
  • Bailey Ann Derenne, B.S.
  • Bethany Ann Detert, B.S.
  • Emily Jo Welhouse DiNatale, B.S.
  • Melissa Ann Jagodinsky, B.S.
  • Heather Johndro, B.S.
  • Amanda Rose Klukas, B.S.
  • Elizabeth Kay Kroll, B.S.
  • Chelsea Rae Kurzinski, B.S.
  • Kate Emma Kwiatkowski, B.S.
  • Janelle Kathleen Lannoye, B.S.
  • Melissa Sue Mach, B.S.
  • Vickie Lynn Mahlik, B.S.
  • Ashley Patricia Monfils, B.S.
  • Heather Nicole Peterson, B.S.
  • Tierany Ann Rugg, B.S.
  • Allison Elizabeth Shepard, B.S.
  • Cheenuj Shong, B.S.
  • Jessica Lynn Stewart, B.S.
  • Andrew William Stone, B.S.
  • Nicole Marie Strenski, B.S.
  • LaShawna Annett Tucker, B.S.
  • Wendy Vivas, B.S.
  • Katherine T. Wendlandt, B.S.
  • Kimberlee KaZoua Xiong, B.S.


  • Racheal Lynn Cummings, B.A.
  • Lindsay Louise Pociask, B.A.
  • Andrea Noelle Schroeder, B.A.
  • Alexandra Guadalupe Torres, B.A.
  • Jessica Rose Vandenlangenberg, B.A.


  • Lynn E. Schemm, B.A.


  • Justin Andrew Allard, B.S.
  • Brennen Joseph Frisque, B.S.
  • Dylan Joseph Schneider, B.S.


  • Dana Marie Anderson, B.A.
  • Kristi Lee Barrett, B.A.
  • Matthew Allen Behrs, B.A.S.
  • Elizabeth Anne Billington, B.A.
  • Tara M. Broughton, B.A.
  • Darcy Michelle Brown, B.A.
  • Tiffany Terese Canham, B.A.S.
  • Jenna Caitlyn Cleveland, B.A.
  • Montana Rae Connell, B.A.S.
  • Robert Dewey Dean, B.A.
  • Shannon Lee Derby, B.A.S.
  • Jessica Lee Dilley, B.A.S.
  • Greg Thomas Erickson, B.A.S.
  • Mallory Jean Gauerke, B.A.
  • Matthew Jacob Green, B.A.S.
  • Hailey Elaine Greer, B.A.S.
  • Adam Jason Habeck, B.A.S.
  • Roxanne Hall, B.A.
  • Samantha Lynn Hanson, B.A.S.
  • Dietrich R. Haynes, B.A.S.
  • Ann Marie Holmquist, B.A.S.
  • Alex Gerard Janssen, B.A.
  • Magda Lorayne Johnson, B.A.
  • Danielle Lynn Karl, B.A.
  • Kimberly Ann Kilmer, B.A.
  • Heather Lea Lewin, B.A.
  • Angela Liewald, B.A.S.
  • Ryan James Liske, B.A.S.
  • James Michael Littrell, B.A.S.
  • Vickie Lynn Mahlik, B.A.
  • Teri Lynn Meating, B.A.S.
  • Matthew Eric Meverden, B.A.S.
  • Tracy L. Mielke, B.A.S.
  • Susan Ann Molls, B.A.
  • Rasami Moua, B.A.
  • David Michael Nichols, B.A.
  • Brooke Renee Nimmer, B.A.S.
  • Tina Marie Nowak, B.A.
  • Seth R. Parmer, B.A.S.
  • Katelyn Elise Reimer, B.A.S.
  • Steven J. Rusch, B.A.S.
  • Susan D. Santana, B.A.S.
  • Deborah Lynn Schleif, B.A.
  • Matthew Lawrence Tappa, B.A.
  • Elissa Ann Tassoul, B.A.
  • Andrew Patrick Taylor, B.A.S.
  • Christa Pa Houa Thao, B.A.S.
  • Aaron Robert Tyler, B.A.S.
  • Lisa Elizabeth VanOss, B.A.S.
  • Gustavo Velazquez, B.A.S.
  • Dena Weber, B.A.S.
  • Alicia Anne Wilke, B.A.S.
  • Raymond Grady Wolfe, B.A.S.
  • Matthew Robert Wood, B.A.
  • Pamai Nou Xiong, B.A.S.
  • Kylee James Zalewski, B.A.S.


  • Cheri Lynn Blackwell, B.A.S.
  • Nicole Hk Chavarria, B.A.
  • Jonathan David Detrie, B.A.S.
  • Sherrie Lynn Diemel, B.A.S.
  • Erin Michelle Kasprzycki, B.A.
  • Cynara Mayer, B.A.


  • Danielle Eileen Maus, B.A.
  • Kelsie Grace Petersen, B.A.


  • Joseph D. Shipley, B.A.
  • Jessica Rose Vandenlangenberg, B.A.


  • Dalton Charles Aderholdt, B.A.
  • Amanda Lee Graham, B.A.
  • Kyle James Grathen, B.A.
  • Emily R. Hamilton, B.A.
  • Joseph Perfecto Lacenski, B.A.


  • Danielle Iris Austin, B.S.
  • Vincenzo Badalamenti, B.S.
  • Cody Wallace Bantle, B.S.
  • Patrick Daniel Bertrand, B.S.
  • Haily Ann Blazer, B.S.
  • Jordyn Marie DeBraal, B.S.
  • Bailey Ann Derenne, B.S.
  • Bethany Ann Detert, B.S.
  • Sarah Elizabeth Fannin, B.S.
  • Eric James Gustke, B.S.
  • Adon Chai Her, B.S.
  • Dirlena Y. Jedwabny, B.S.
  • Amber Kasten, B.S.
  • Kathryn Grace Kellow, B.S.
  • Janelle Kathleen Lannoye, B.S.
  • Kendall Laurent, B.S.
  • Brianna Elizabeth Leggate, B.S.
  • Melissa Sue Mach, B.S.
  • Beth Matzke, B.S.
  • Claire Miceli-Wink, B.S.
  • Ashley Patricia Monfils, B.S.
  • Andrea Regina Mueller, B.S.
  • Meghan Marie O’Neill, B.S.
  • Kelly Ann Petersohn, B.S.
  • Elizabeth Ann Peterson, B.S.
  • Chelsi Piel, B.S.
  • Taylor Keegan Pride, B.S.
  • Ashley Marie Romanek, B.S.
  • Kaitlin Ann Rose, B.S.
  • Allyson Luann Schubert, B.S.
  • Aleisa Sells, B.S.
  • Allison Elizabeth Shepard, B.S.
  • Samantha Ann Spevacek, B.S.
  • Jessica Lynn Stewart, B.S.
  • LaShawna Annett Tucker, B.S.
  • Nermana Turajlic, B.S.
  • Zong Vang, B.S.
  • April Dawn Williams, B.S.
  • Mackenzie Nicole Wink, B.S.
  • Christy Woods, B.S.
  • Sarah Ann Zacharias, B.S.
  • Lauren Elaine Zuleger, B.S.


  • Dalton Charles Aderholdt, B.S.
  • Joseph Perfecto Lacenski, B.S.
  • Megan Kathryn Walker, B.S.


  • Carolyn Ann Doan, B.A.
  • Rebecca Jean Halfacre, B.A. †
  • Matthew Anthony Hart, B.A.
  • Joshua Robert Holmes, B.A.
  • Alexandra Guadalupe Torres, B.A.
  • Karlee Kathleen Wegehaupt, B.A.


  • Hannah Kathryn Blecha, B.A.
  • Erin J Gerard, B.A.
  • Renata Louise Gindt, B.A.
  • Mariah Noel Himmelwright, B.A.
  • Sallie Marie Petty, B.A.
  • Jena Mae Tolksdorf, B.A.



  • Kayla Lynn Bolssen, B.S.
  • Briana Cavin, B.S.
  • Margaret Hanna Clark, B.S. †
  • Rebecca Anne Conoley, B.S.
  • Ashlie Mishele Dotson, B.S.
  • Tasha Marie Eichmeier, B.S.
  • Brooke Ann Ferdon, B.S.
  • Hannah Martha French, B.S.
  • Marie Danielle Gales, B.S.
  • Benjamin Lawrence Heicher, B.S.
  • Courtney Sue Ingraham, B.S.
  • Danielle Jeanette Lidbeck, B.S.
  • Alyssa Moeller, B.S.
  • Sarah R. Nolte, B.S.
  • Lauren Alyssa Nowak, B.S.
  • Taylor Keegan Pride, B.S.
  • Briana Mary Schingeck, B.S.
  • Alexa Brienne Schwartz, B.S.
  • Mallory Nicole Tremble, B.S.
  • Joshua James Ziegelbauer, B.S.


  • Muriel Antwi-Sohngen, B.S.
  • Melissa Jo Cady, B.S.
  • Katie Emily Eichman, B.S.
  • Dawnell Lynn Klein, B.S.
  • Jaclyn Marie Racolta, B.S.
  • Harmony Brooke Rutzinski, B.S.


  • Danielle Tyler Albee, B.S.N
  • Marie Elizabeth Annexy, B.S.N
  • Debra J. Bellin, B.S.N
  • Stacie Lynn Beschta, B.S.N
  • Lisa Bogel, B.S.N
  • Therese Marie Brokmeier, B.S.N
  • Stacy Ann Brophy, B.S.N
  • Carly Dassow, B.S.N
  • Nicole Hope DeBauche, B.S.N
  • Kimberly Margaret Doll, B.S.N
  • Anita M. Doxtater, B.S.N
  • Barbara Jean Ernst, B.S.N
  • Thomas M. Fonferek, B.S.N
  • Lori Marie Garlick, B.S.N
  • Rebecca Jo Gerarden, B.S.N
  • Nicole Kristin Greene, B.S.N
  • Carly Elizabeth Haenel, B.S.N
  • Mark Roy Harstad, B.S.N
  • Megan Ilene Heikkinen, B.S.N
  • Amanda Rae Hilgart, B.S.N
  • Mark Robert Hunter, B.S.N
  • Laura Lee Jones, B.S.N
  • Jenna Aili Jurmu, B.S.N
  • Sara Marie Kazmierczak, B.S.N
  • Katie Klueger, B.S.N
  • Jessica Kolb, B.S.N
  • Stacy Kay Kortas, B.S.N
  • Mary Christine Lange, B.S.N
  • Rebecca Ann Lohagen, B.S.N
  • Melissa Rene Madlem, B.S.N
  • Tina Marie Mccracken, B.S.N
  • Kelly Jean Miller, B.S.N
  • Annette E. Nehring, B.S.N
  • Katlyn Kelly Nelson, B.S.N
  • Jacqueline Joan Nourse, B.S.N
  • Miwako Arakawa Ogurek, B.S.N
  • Rebecca Lyn Porod, B.S.N
  • Kelsey Sue Porter, B.S.N
  • Kaylee Sara Proctor, B.S.N
  • Whitney Caryn Recla, B.S.N
  • LauraJean June Saylor, B.S.N
  • Ruth Ann Scheck, B.S.N
  • Laurie Lynn Simonson, B.S.N
  • Lauren Rose Snyder, B.S.N
  • Dawn Rene Sprister, B.S.N
  • Tammy Lynn Stanislawski, B.S.N
  • Lauren Elizabeth Stellato, B.S.N
  • Sarah Emily Stewart, B.S.N
  • Angela Marie Strain, B.S.N
  • Kaelee Sophia-Jay Swanson, B.S.N
  • Lindsey Elizabeth Unright, B.S.N
  • Stephanie Rose Zoller, B.S.N


Elizabeth Kay Kroll, B.S.W.



  • Erika Mae Braun, B.B.A.
  • Lee Matthew Chamberlain, B.B.A.
  • Amr Saeed Dahroug, B.B.A.
  • Brock Edward Delebreau, B.B.A.
  • Tyler Michael Fenner, B.B.A.
  • Mark Joseph Kleifgen, B.B.A.
  • Karissa Lee Leifer, B.B.A.
  • Brian Rechner, B.B.A.
  • Keri Ann Routhieaux, B.B.A.
  • Victoria Ann Wilke, B.B.A.


  • Jessica Lynn Austreng, B.B.A.
  • Erin Marie Blajeski, B.B.A.
  • Ashley Ann Boyea, B.B.A.
  • Erika Mae Braun, B.B.A.
  • Bethaney Bray, B.B.A.
  • Mitchell James Carney, B.B.A.
  • Lee Matthew Chamberlain, B.B.A.
  • Eva Louise Christjohn, B.B.A.
  • Collin John Clemens, B.B.A.
  • Chase Joseph Collins, B.B.A.
  • Mary Catherine Condon, B.B.A.
  • Amr Saeed Dahroug, B.B.A.
  • John Joseph Danforth, B.B.A.
  • Christopher James Dehling, B.B.A.
  • Emilie Mae Diedrick, B.B.A.
  • Tyler Michael Fenner, B.B.A.
  • Alysha Marie Ferron, B.B.A.
  • Isaac Lee Fischer, B.B.A.
  • Kecia Marie Fish, B.B.A.
  • Evan Edward Geiser, B.B.A.
  • Leopold Johann Richard Gomez-Islinger, B.B.A.
  • Derek Andrew Johnson, B.B.A.
  • Rachel Elizabeth Jordan, B.B.A.
  • Levi Richard Jozwiak, B.B.A.
  • Joseph Kennedy, B.B.A.
  • Matthew Kyle Kinjerski, B.B.A.
  • Matthew Edward Knorr, B.B.A.
  • Cooper Louis Kohlbeck, B.B.A.
  • Brandon Michael Kraemer, B.B.A.
  • Stephanie Ann Laude, B.B.A.
  • Cory John Lauersdorf, B.B.A.
  • Megan Ann LeTourneau, B.B.A.
  • Gaoly Nancy Lee, B.B.A.
  • Brendan Thomas Leehe, B.B.A.
  • Karissa Lee Leifer, B.B.A.
  • Rebekah Elisabeth Lotz, B.B.A.
  • Samuel Adam Manders, B.B.A.
  • Hailey Mikayla McDermott, B.B.A.
  • Sydney Messerschmidt, B.B.A.
  • Ross John Mischler, B.B.A.
  • Thomas Paul Moule, B.B.A.
  • Hannah Margaret Mueller, B.B.A.
  • Joseph Howard Murray, B.B.A.
  • Max Sterling Nothstine, B.B.A.
  • Cody Allen Olson, B.B.A.
  • Sandeep Singh Panu, B.B.A.
  • Kyrsten Ann Pedersen, B.B.A.
  • Cody David Penkwitz, B.B.A.
  • Kirsten Perkovich, B.B.A.
  • Brian Rechner, B.B.A.
  • Sabrina Kay Roehl, B.B.A.
  • Keri Ann Routhieaux, B.B.A.
  • Steven J. Rusch, B.B.A.
  • Nicholas Robert Sadler, B.B.A.
  • Rafael Alonso Sanchez, B.B.A.
  • Elizabeth Lynn Soletski, B.B.A.
  • Mary Elizabeth Soya, B.B.A.
  • Brianna Lee Staszak, B.B.A.
  • Tina Vang, B.B.A.
  • Robert Welsh, B.B.A.
  • Olivia Jean Wied, B.B.A.
  • Alexis Ann Wilson, B.B.A.
  • Taylor Christian Wormet, B.B.A.
  • Gavin Zernicke, B.B.A.
  • Zuomiao Zhou, B.B.A.



  • Hailey Free Heimerl, B.S.
  • Amanda Henne, B.S.
  • Madalyn Catherine James, B.S.
  • Tricia Elaine Michiels, B.S.
  • Kyle Lee Nackers, B.S.
  • Vanessa Mary Kudick Pelnar, B.S.
  • Jody May Schiess, B.S.
  • Jordan Michelle Shafel, B.S.
  • Spencer Michael Turriff, B.S.
  • Jessica Rae Wenzel, B.S.


  • Amber Lynn Baeten, B.S.


  • Codey James Beekman, B.S.
  • Shannon Stafslien, B.S.


  • Kevin Vincent Cropper, B.S.
  • Christopher Donald Jahnke, B.S.
  • Emily Jean Peterson, B.S.
  • Joslyne Rae Viquez, B.S.


  • Samantha Jo Bierhals, B.S.
  • Wesley Alan Bleiler, B.S.
  • Lauren Marie Carobine, B.S.
  • Tyler Alan Davis, B.S.
  • Courtney Jeanette DeKeyser, B.S.
  • Jessie Lakota Dinelli, B.S.
  • Desiree Emma Dombrowski, B.S.
  • Ivyanne Victoria Elborough, B.S.
  • Rachel Lee Elliott, B.S.
  • Tanya Lynn Ferguson, B.S.
  • Jessica Ann Fesing, B.S.
  • Wensday Elise Freiberg, B.S.
  • Taylor J. Gutzman, B.S.
  • Rosalynn Bridget Hiebl, B.S.
  • Joshua Robert Holmes, B.S.
  • Derrek Joseph Hooyman, B.S.
  • Amber Kasten, B.S.
  • Marlee Ann Kiander, B.S.
  • Lauren Taylor Kowalski, B.S.
  • Rebecca L. Krizan, B.S.
  • Lakelynne Ann Kutska, B.S.
  • Heather Ann Monville, B.S.
  • Elaine Leigh Musil, B.S.
  • Devon Ashley Platfoot, B.S.
  • Andrea Michelle Rusch, B.S.
  • Nicholas Norman Ryczek, B.S.
  • Aaron Michael Schmallenberg, B.S.
  • Jenna Rae Simon, B.S.
  • Jocelyn Claire Smith, B.S.
  • Devin Michelle Heide Vandertie, B.S.
  • Michaela Melissa Yopps, B.S.
  • Ryan Paul Zimanek, B.S.


  • Elizabeth Ann Greatens, B.S. †
  • Sean Patrick Roherty, B.S.

† Indicates a Minor in Secondary Education

UW-Green Bay releases list of December 2015 grads

Chancellor Gary L. Miller will preside at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s 2015 fall/winter commencement ceremony at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 19, in Cofrin Family Hall of the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts.

The ceremony will honor students who have applied to graduate in December or at the end of the interim session in January. More than 450 UW-Green Bay students are eligible to participate in the ceremony.

December commencement will be the 92nd in school history. UW-Green Bay has held two ceremonies annually, at the close of spring and fall semesters, since the first class graduated on June 1, 1970. This year the University is marking 50 years since its founding in 1965.

Those students receiving bachelor’s degrees with academic honors are indicated by *cum laude, **magna cum laude, and ***summa cum laude.


Master of Environmental Science and Policy

Brown County — Joseph Baeten, Andrew Docter, Chelsea Gunther, and Thomas Prestby, Green Bay;
Grant — Sarah Faga, Muscoda;
St. Croix — Rachel Van Dam, New Richmond;
Wood — Jesse Weinzinger, Wisconsin Rapids.

Master of Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning

Brown County — Barbara Bubnes, De Pere; Barbara Aguilar, Lindsey Guzzonato, Heidi Pletcher, Lindsey Rentmeester, Nichole Wilch and Shanna (Kropp) Willems, Green Bay;
Kewaunee — Emily Krueger, Algoma;
Outagamie — Brianna Markowski and Lilian Wenzel, Appleton.

Master of Management

Outagamie County — Peter Marcks, Hortonville.

Master of Sustainable Management

Other States: Alexandria Skoch, Avon Lake, Ohio.


Brown County — Amanda Propson, Denmark; Natana Corn and Jesse Perez, Green Bay;
Door — Rachel Quakkelaar, Sturgeon Bay;
Kenosha — Dana Anderson, Kenosha.
Lincoln — Keri Bostwick, Tomahawk;
Outagamie — Danielle MakesGood, Oneida;
Waupaca — Laura Finger**, Waupaca.



Brown County — Gregory Kornetzke, Denmark; Amy Barkow, Calvin Collins, Brady DeBeukelar, and Cody Mueller, Green Bay;
Door — Nataliya Vasilyeva*, Fish Creek;
Manitowoc — Nicole Laabs, Denmark.


Adams County — Kyle Schwingel*, Adams;
Brown — Beau Thomas, Green Bay;
Door — Holly Free*, Ephraim; and Mariah Rankin*, Sturgeon Bay; Oconto — Samuel Slezewski, Pulaski;
Outagamie — Phillip Putzer, Appleton; and Tonya Wagner***, De Pere;
Sheboygan — Katie Green*, Sheboygan.

Arts Management

Brown County — Rachel Knuth***, De Pere; and Spencer Ortmann, Green Bay.


Brown County — Amy Cottrell and Aaron Mueller, Green Bay;
Marinette — Kareena Costello, Marinette;
Rock — Jillian Brown, Milton;
Vilas — Ailee Harman*, Saint Germain;
Washington — Amanda Klein, Hartford;
Waukesha — Alison Huebner and Justin Wauer, Muskego; and Aaron Gloss, Waukesha;
Other Countries — Rie Koizumi, Tokyo, Japan.

Business Administration

Brown County — Justin Baker***, Courtney Bries, Bryce Carlson, Adam Chmielewski, Randall Christensen, Clare Denz***, Kamry Kupsh, Steven Landwehr***, Jane Lowe, Jarod Reimer*, and Rebecca Zellmer, De Pere; Gregory Kornetzke and Sarah Wanek, Denmark; Brandon Amraen, Kevin Baeb, Garrett Boeck, Thomas Boockmeier, Calvin Collins, Kimberly Delvaux, Lacey Duerschmidt, Chandra Eigenberger, Jessica Gold*, Zachary Hubbartt, Jamie Lancelle, Tyler Ledvina, Bradley Mayer, Marius Merz**, Cody Mueller, Blaine Nemecek, Andrea Paul, Brooke Puta, Sara Reckelberg, Jesse Scheer, Brittney Tollar, Jose Villa, Aimee Villwock*, and Ashley Wienke, Green Bay; Emilie Beining***, Greenleaf; and Blake Lambert, Suamico;
Clark — Daniel Opelt, Neillsville;
Dane — Sara Tupper*, Stoughton;
Door — Emily Blaha*, Sturgeon Bay;
Fond Du Lac — Lisa Zeleske*, Fond du Lac;
Forest — Matthew Belland, Laona;
Lincoln — Hilary Cordova, Tomahawk;
Manitowoc — Nicole Laabs, Denmark; Jennifer Appel, Andra Erdmann, Matthew Honzik, Alex Luchsinger, and Eric Stueck, Manitowoc; Alexander Zellner, Maribel; Darin DeRoche, Mishicot; and Alex Hrubecky, Two Rivers;
Milwaukee — Dalton Andrew, Greenfield; and Christopher Cannestra, Oak Creek;
Monroe — Danielle Dale**, Sparta;
Oconto — Kyle Rice*** and Gregory Seidel, Oconto Falls;
Outagamie — Zachary Winter*** and Allie Wolff, Appleton; and Daniel Habeck, Seymour.
Portage — Kelton Dopp*, Almond; and Chelsea Krogwold, Amherst.
Racine — Amelia Wozniak, Waterford.
Shawano — Jennifer Welk, Gresham.
Sheboygan — Vanessa Diaz, Sheboygan; and James Schreurs, Waldo.
Waukesha — Thomas Hanna, Hartland.
Other States — Ashley Lesperance, Menominee, Mich.; Alex Ronchak, Arden Hills, Minn.; Brooke Strehlow, New York, N.Y.


Brown County — Kody Kapfhamer, De Pere;
Manitowoc — Sarah Ording and Seu Vang, Manitowoc.


Brown County — Robert Phillips, Allouez; Kendall Brenwall, Ryan Brumlic, Joshua Clearwater, Jessica Leighty, Laura McLuen, David Nordby, Dakota Orlich, and Lashawnda Warpinski, Green Bay;
Manitowoc — Kimberly Sommers, Manitowoc;
Oneida — Helen Jones, Rhinelander
Outagamie — Stephanie Diedrich**, Combined Locks; and Samantha Marta, Grand Chute;
Shawano — Cynthia Goetsch*, Shawano;
Washington — Ashley Vickney*, West Bend
Waukesha — Nicholas Rudd, Muskego
Other States — Daniel Norman, Kingsford, Mich.

Computer Science

Brown County — Edward Bowker, Green Bay;
Dane — Matthew Firgens, Cottage Grove;
Fond Du Lac — Joseph Ebert**, Kewaskum;
Milwaukee — Eric Cope, Greenfield;
Shawano — Nathan Milner***, Shawano;
Waukesha — Cody Rabinek, Eagle.

Democracy and Justice Studies

Brown County — Benjamin Freeman and Laura Leigh***, Green Bay;
Outagamie — Eric Mandel, Kaukauna;
Washington — Emily Kudek, West Bend.

Design Arts

Brown County — Logan Sprangers, De Pere; Wendy Knight* and Beau Thomas, Green Bay;
Manitowoc — Derek Beattie, Reedsville;
Sheboygan — Katie Green*, Sheboygan;
Waukesha — Vanessa Jordan, Muskego;
Waupaca — Kayla Teske, Clintonville;
Other States — Daniel Alvarado, Leander, Tex.


Brown County — Randall Christensen and Jarod Reimer*, De Pere; Tyler Ledvina and Marius Merz**, Green Bay;
Portage — Kelton Dopp*, Almond.


Ashland County — Breanna Hanson*, Glidden;
Brown — Brooke Barnard*, Jennifer Drewiske*, Jennifer Newman***, and Jacob Tess*, De Pere; Kayla Decker*, KimmiLei Demaskie**, Elizabeth Pellegrini*, Brianne Pfefferkorn*, Heather Walden, and Taylor Werchek, Green Bay;
Calumet — Aleesha Paff***, Appleton;
Door — Briana Schwartz*, Forestville;
Manitowoc — David Wagner***, Manitowoc;
Marinette — Brittany Henrichs***, Niagara; and Danielle Wyss*, Peshtigo;
Oconto — Erin Koszalinski, Lakewood; Tara Seefeldt*, Lena; Charles Olson*** and Taylor Schmidt***, Oconto;
Outagamie — Bo Karll and Holly Phillips, Appleton; and Allison Volkman***, Black Creek;
Taylor — Heather Lindahl, Medford;
Washington — Nathan Schultz*, Jackson;
Winnebago — Meghan Johnson**, Neenah.


Brown County — Kellina Mattson*, Green Bay; and Meredith Simpkins, Pulaski;
Calumet — Danielle Brocker*, Chilton;
Dane — Mary Kellom, Stoughton; and Tessa Pellmann, Sun Prairie;
Manitowoc — Hunter Morrow*, Two Rivers;
Marinette — Cassandra Langlois, Marinette;
Milwaukee — Lindsey LaBissoniere***, Wauwatosa;
Oconto — Emily Dehut*, Oconto;
Outagamie — Margaret Carstens, Combined Locks; and Justine Ederer***, Kaukauna.

Environmental Policy and Planning

Brown County — Robyn Nielsen*, Green Bay;
Manitowoc — Pheng Yang, Manitowoc;
Outagamie — Kelsey McCormick*, Appleton.

Environmental Sciences

Brown County — Kirsten Gullett***, De Pere; and Aaron Mueller, Green Bay;
Outagamie — Brian Rolf, Appleton; and Maria Calkins, Black Creek;
Other Countries — Sravani Karnam, Nairobi, Kenya.

French and Francophone Studies

Dane County — Melissa Reisdorf, Waunakee;
Shawano — Adam Meyer**, Shawano.


Brown County — Lydia Schneider, Green Bay.

Health Information Management Technology

Brown County — Irina Guba**, Mai Lor, and Sierra Valentine, Green Bay;
Fond Du Lac — Amanda Preissner***, Ripon;
Outagamie — Indy Gorges, Appleton;
Winnebago — Kendra Kuehl, Neenah;
Other States — Kerryann Fraser*, Lauderhill, Fla.; Michelle Roy, Crystal Falls, Mich.


Brown County — Collin LeSage, Laura Leigh***, and Kellina Mattson*, Green Bay;
Kewaunee — Jesse LaCrosse, Algoma;
Marinette — Aaron Albright, Peshtigo;
Milwaukee — Zakarie Lenski, Oak Creek;
Oconto — Dante Pizzuti, Little Suamico;
Waukesha — Kendall Sherman, Sussex.

Human Biology

Brown County — Cynthia Belanger*, De Pere; Owin Cantable, Alana Degeneffe*, Travis Ladwig, Sarah Mauel*, Ryan Smith, Nick Strauss, and Carese Walczyk, Green Bay; and Adam Gilson, Greenleaf;
Chippewa — Jessica Hurt, Bloomer;
Fond Du Lac — Gavin Peters***, Campbellsport;
Green — Sarah Tomasiewicz**, Monroe;
Marathon — Samantha Schmidt, Mosinee;
Marinette — Kelly Strasser, Niagara;
Milwaukee — Tabatha Ruska, Milwaukee;
Outagamie — Rachael Menos*, Christine Minzlaff, and Danielle Strebel, Appleton; Chelsea Peeters, Black Creek; and Taylor Gasman, Freedom;
Ozaukee — Timothy Zietz***, Grafton;
Sheboygan — Kelsey Obremski**, Sheboygan; and Avery Faul, Sheboygan Falls;
Washington — Mikayla Kremer***, Kewaskum;
Winnebago — Hailey Eckstein and Brielle Vanevenhoven, Larsen;
Other States — Caitlyn Adkins, Gurnee, Ill.; Tanner Kelly, Vulcan, Mich.

Human Development

Brown County — Amanda Clark, Brianne Krepline, Tyler Secor, Kathryn Sedlacek, and Jacob Tess*, De Pere; Amber Jagodzinski, Elizabeth Kane, Theresa Rock, Rosa Serrano, Phillip Tilleman, and Candice Tomasko, Green Bay; and Hattie Liebman*, Suamico;
Buffalo — Brianna Peterson**, Mondovi;
Calumet — Megan Juzenas, Appleton; and Stephanie Baeten, Hilbert;
Dodge — Haily Hummelmeier*, Beaver Dam;
Door — Stephanie DeJardin, Luxemburg;
Fond Du Lac — Hannah Wagner, Fond du Lac;
Kewaunee — Kelly Thyes, Casco;
La Crosse — Nhia Lor, La Crosse; and Logan Andres, West Salem;
Manitowoc — Melissa Tennant and See Thao, Manitowoc; and Gennessa Orth, Two Rivers;
Marathon — Holly Schreiner, Athens;
Marquette — Kayla Frosch, Endeavor’
Milwaukee — Ariel Olson, Greendale;
Outagamie — Jessica Igoe, Freedom; and William Mateer, Fremont;
Ozaukee — Kari Arguello, Cedarburg;
Racine — Brittany Bogan, Mount Pleasant;
Rock — Julia Bloom, Milton;
Shawano — Kelly Leatherberry, Leopolis;
Sheboygan — Ashley Kurtz**, Sheboygan Falls;
Waukesha — Nicolette Bemann, Waukesha;
Wood — Emily Carroll*, Marshfield;
Other States — Cook — Danielle Shellberg, Crestwood.

Humanistic Studies

Brown County — Mai Lor and Andrea Regalia, Green Bay.

Information Sciences

Brown County — AlQoyawayma Baddmoccosin-Barnes, Broderick Berglund, and Tyler Borchardt, Green Bay;
Fond Du Lac — Joseph Ebert**, Kewaskum; and Joel Miller, Pickett;
Manitowoc — Brett Jensen, Manitowoc; and Venton Speidel Jr, Two Rivers;
Marathon — Molly Vlietstra, Birnamwood;
Portage — Ezra Toelle, Stevens Point.

Integrative Leadership Studies

Brown County — Tonya Fronk, De Pere; Cayla Botz, Adeyemi Cole, Michael Dreckschmidt*, Angela Gardebrecht*, Patrick Heaney, Thomas McCarey***, Kathleen Mickle***, Zachery Nimke*, Amber Prien, Leslie Schisel, Green Bay; and Hattie Liebman*, Suamico;
Calumet — Dale Passehl***, Appleton; Carole Schubert, Kiel; and Alexander Lewandowski, Menasha;
Chippewa — Carrie Hoff**, Cadott; and Michele Pederson, Eau Claire;
Columbia — Katie Stiemke, Arlington;
Dane — Chanel Clark, Madison;
Door — William Isings, Sturgeon Bay;
Forest — Penny McLaughlin*, Wabeno;
Jefferson — Mark Kasten, Lake Mills;
Manitowoc — Rosanne Bonlander, and Patrick Hamoy, Manitowoc; and Shannon Leonhard, Jennifer Lisowe***, and Marjorie Olson, Two Rivers;
Marathon — Katinna Brice, and Sarah Verber**, Wausau;
Marinette — Adam Walker**, Marinette;
Milwaukee — Eric Lemmer, Milwaukee;
Monroe — Laissa Hassan, Tomah;
Oconto — Dean Meyer Sr, Oconto;
Oneida — Amanda Cook*, Harshaw;
Outagamie — Brenda Halfman, Seymour;
Portage — Melinda Ziesman, Mosinee; and Leah Rose***, Stevens Point;
Taylor — Loretta Walsh*, Medford;
Vilas — Jessica Riedy, Eagle River;
Washington — Andrew Darwitz, Oakdale;
Waukesha — Jeffrey Podjasek, Pewaukee;
Waushara — Jessica Hargrave, Berlin; and Tad Masaros, Fremont;
Winnebago — Emily Penning, Oshkosh;
Wood — Joseph Durham, Wisconsin Rapids;
Other State — Joelle Fockler, Martinez, Calif.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Barron County — Shanon Breed**, Rice Lake;
Brown —
Cheryl Weaver***, De Pere; Deanna Ashmann***, Cayla Botz, Jennifer Hoffman***, and Aerick Jackson, Green Bay;
— Jamie Guensburg*, Rothschild;
Oconto — Kayla Coopman, Abrams;
Price — Marlene Wurm, Park Falls; and Taylor Grech*, Phillips;
Shawano — Gary Olsen*** and Kristin Welch, Gresham;
Waukesha — Kari Konkol, Waukesha;
Winnebago — Michael Johnson Jr., Appleton;


Brown County — Michael Xie***, De Pere;
Outagamie — Nicholas Effa and Briana VanderHeiden*, Seymour.


Brown County — Alysha Brooks and Tori Schuurmans, Green Bay


Brown County — Terri Zahorik***, De Pere; Trisha Backus*, Danielle Davis, Stefanie Garrett, and Jessica Ronk, Green Bay; and Patricia Stukenberg, Suamico;
Dane — Allison Dopf, Madison;
Dodge — Rachel Heckenkamp*, Horicon;
Door — Ann Mancheski, Sturgeon Bay;
Eau Claire — Sara Sandager, Eau Claire;
Manitowoc — Thomas Rennicke, Kiel; and Kelly Gagnon*, Manitowoc;
Marathon — Katie Hall, Wausau; and Ruth Cunningham, Weston;
Marinette — Vallery Krah, Marinette;
Oconto — Lori Schaden***, Oconto Falls;
Rock — Nicole Simpson, Beloit;
Saint Croix — Jessica Knops***, Glenwood City;
Sauk — Stephanie Killoy, Spring Green;
Sheboygan — Andrea DuMez*, Sheboygan;
Vilas — Juliette Hoffman**, Eagle River;
Washington — Marcie Giese, Hartford; and James Hale III, West Bend;
Waukesha — Jennifer Nick, Pewaukee;
Waupaca — Leslie Westberg, Ogdensburg;
Winnebago — Teresa Coonen, Menasha;
Other States — California: Andrea Stewart, Chico; Colorado: Megan Rhode, Denver; Illinois: Aeysha Sayeeduddin, Gurnee, and Holly Nally, Round Lake Heights; Massachusetts: Monique Lariviere, Marstons Mills; Michigan: Sarah Rowell, Kingsford, and Nicole Tebo, Stephenson; Minnesota: Stephanie Davis, Saint Paul, and Ayan Sharif, St Paul Park; New Jersey: Dorothy Murray, Whiting; New York: Avi Klein, Far Rockaway, Queens; Texas: Teresa Talmadge, Kingwood; Washington: Michelle Barraza, Bremerton, and Britney Woods, Spanaway.

Political Science

Brown County — Stephanie Krupski, De Pere; Karen Basulto, Benjamin Freeman, and Robert Henderson, Green Bay; and Samantha Braaten*, Suamico;
Outagamie — Eric Mandel, Kaukauna;
Pierce — Kyle Shafer, Spring Valley.


Brown County — Tyler Secor, De Pere; Kayla Blochowiak, Alysha Brooks, Jenna Carprue, Jessica Chappell, Amy Cook, Elizabeth Feldhausen, Maria Gerrits, Nicholas Hoppock, Amber Jagodzinski, Jordan Jankowski, Matthew Kobriger, Taylor Kurowski**, Shane Kusserow, Briana Novak, Theresa Rock, Magic Vang, Heather Walden, and Adrian Zurita, Green Bay;
Buffalo — Brianna Peterson**, Mondovi;
Calumet — Stephanie Baeten, Hilbert;
Dane — Rebecca Weiss, Sun Prairie; and Mariah Niesen, Windsor;
Dodge — Haily Hummelmeier*, Beaver Dam;
Door — Stephanie DeJardin, Luxemburg; and Amanda Schartner, Sturgeon Bay;
Forest — Mary Mattson*, Crandon;
Kewaunee — Kelly Thyes, Casco;
La Crosse — Katelin Paar, Onalaska; and Logan Andres, West Salem;
Manitowoc — Gennessa Orth, Two Rivers;
Milwaukee — Ariel Olson, Greendale;
Oconto — Kayler Bailey and Chelsey VanHulle, Oconto; Michaela Kaiser and Gregory Seidel, Oconto Falls;
Outagamie — Rebecca Kiefer and Holly Phillips, Appleton; Amanda Verbsky, Black Creek; and Jessica Igoe, Freedom;
Ozaukee — Kari Arguello, Cedarburg; and Timothy Zietz***, Grafton;
Shawano — Brenda Marquardt, Shawano;
Sheboygan — Emily Walsdorf, Glenbeulah;
Washington — Isaac Buhle, Hartford; Alyssa Feldner, Jackson; and Emily Kudek, West Bend;
Waukesha — Sarah Wick*, Lannon; and Nicholas Rudd, Muskego;
Wood — Emily Carroll*, Marshfield.

Public Administration

Brown County — Stephanie Krupski, De Pere; Karen Basulto, Ross Farley, Robert Henderson, Theresa Rock, Abigail Verzal, and Adrian Zurita, Green Bay; and Alex Wilson, New Franken;
Door — Bailey Koepsel, Baileys Harbor;
Manitowoc — Pheng Yang, Manitowoc;
Outagamie — PaJa Yang, Appleton; and Paul Patschke***, Kaukauna;
Pierce — Kyle Shafer, Spring Valley.

Social Work

Sheboygan County — Brett Hayner, Sheboygan.

Spanish and Latin American Studies

Brown County — Erica Hilbert, De Pere; Rosa Serrano and Lizeth Veliz, Green Bay; and Meredith Simpkins, Pulaski;
La Crosse — Haley Hanson, Onalaska;
Outagamie — Stephanie Diedrich**, Combined Locks; and Brittney Moore, Seymour;
Rock — Devan Beyel, Janesville;
Washington — Ashley Vickney*, West Bend;
Winnebago — Grace Neese***, Neenah;
Other States — Haley Fehling, Salem, Mass.


Fond Du Lac — Cody Galligan, Campbellsport.


Grad student Minani featured at internship ‘Draft Day’

The first-ever “Internship Draft Day” in the Lambeau Field Atrium, co-sponsored by the NEW ERA regional education alliance (of which UWGB is a member) gave an opportunity for about 200 college students to explore their options. One was Marc Minani, the UW-Green Bay environmental sciences student from Rwanda, whose experience at the event was featured in a Green Bay Press-Gazette story. 

‘Hired by Graduation’? Let us know

Social Media Specialist Jena Richter asks that members of the campus community help her spotlight December graduates who have jobs lined up after graduation. If you are aware of, or are a student with post-grad employment already secured, please contact Jena with those students’ names. Students will then be contacted and (if they are willing) photographed and asked to share brief information on themselves and their post-UWGB plans. This content will be used to populate a hired-by-graduation promotional feature on University social media. Jena will accept names via email through Dec. 17.

Graduation Resource Fair and Reception is Wednesday

The annual Graduation Resource Fair and Reception for December and January graduates will take place in two separate windows (11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 3 to 6 p.m.) this Wednesday (Nov. 4) in the Union’s Phoenix Room. Graduating seniors may purchase their caps and gowns, order rings, pick up ceremony tickets, honor cords and stoles, have a free portrait sitting, and get discounts on announcements, diploma frames and more.

Fox-11 profiles Outstanding Student honoree Spude

Fox-11 did a nice job in capturing Saturday’s commencement for Jared Spude, the political science and Public Administration major selected Outstanding Student of UW-Green Bay’s May 2015 graduating class. They interviewed both Spude, a National Guard staff sergeant who enrolled at UWGB after a tour of duty in Afghanistan, and veterans services coordinator Elaina Koltz. Nice story.