Video: Green Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

UW-Green Bay and area partners are attempting to establish a National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) for the Green Bay watershed. The NERR system is a national network of 29 sites across the coastal U.S., designed to practice and promote stewardship of coasts and estuaries through innovative research, education, and training using a place-based system of protected areas. The regional NERR designation would promote a coordinating force to manage, restore and protect the Green Bay ecosystem, with a programmatic focus on four sectors—research, education, stewardship, and training—to help protect the world’s largest freshwater estuary.

Video Transcript: Consider the greatness of water. The same amount on earth for billions of years. Nevermore, never less. Always changing, refreshing, soothing, providing, and in only one place, right here, the world’s largest freshwater estuary. It’s where a grand river joins Green Bay and greets a great lake. Providing a place to work, to enjoy, to protect, and to preserve. Now is our opportunity to embrace our great bay. As a community classroom, a center for research, a national reserve. For all the ways that water touches our lives, our recreation, our peace, our lifeline. Let’s join as one to keep it that way.

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