Research in the Rotunda 2017

During this politically-polarized time, UW-Green Bay’s Office of Grants and Research was fortunate to celebrate a day without politics. Last Wednesday (April 12), eight undergraduate researchers displayed the intellect gained from their careers at UW-Green Bay in the Rotunda of the State Capitol. From Computer Science students studying cyber security measures to Natural and Applied Sciences scientists analyzing populations of bats and northern pike, UW-Green Bay undergraduates and their extensive research impressed State legislators. In the company of Chancellor Gary Miller, Vice Chancellor Ron Pfeifer, Provost Greg Davis, and Associate Vice Chancellor Mathew Dornbush, UW-Green Bay students met with legislators in the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly from both sides of the aisle and across the state. Personal conversations about the research left officials in great appreciation of the research happening at UW-Green Bay. A total of 140 UW students and nearly 90 faculty mentors too part in the annual event. While the subjects varied, all had one theme in common: How can research improve the world?

UW-Green Bay students and their titles were as follows:

  • Jeremiah Shrovnal “Bat Diversity and Abundance in the Coastal Zone of Lower Green Bay, Lake Michigan”
  • David Christian and Adam Ulman “Designing and Developing a Simple Visual Tool for Privacy Awareness, Basic Information Security Education and K-12 Outreach”
  • Emily Vandersteen “Restoration of Great Lakes Beach Habitats in the Fox River and Lower Green Bay Area of Concern”
  • Anne Linkenheld “The Effect of Native and Invasive Plant Species and Density on Northern Pike Egg Mortality and Hatching Rates”
  • Clinton Rettler and Michael Schulz “Towards a Biometric Authentication-based Hybrid Computing Approach for Improving Trust in Online Healthcare Information”
  • Isaias Jauregui “Understanding Health Beliefs and Health Practices of Mexican Immigrants and Mexican Americans in Northeastern Wisconsin.”

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2017 Posters in the Rotunda

– Photos and text by Zachary Olson, Student Assistant, Office of Grants and Research

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