Kersten, Nelson win student-nominated teaching awards

Beginning last spring, the Instructional Development Council has recognized two teachers with Student Nominated Teaching Awards each year.  As the name implies, nominations are made solely by students.  One award goes to an experienced teacher, and the other to an instructor new in his/her career.  Each honoree will receive a $100 S&E line to use for teaching-related expenses. This year’s winners are Andrew Kersten, Social Change and Development, in the  Experienced Teacher category; and Amanda Nelson, Human Biology,  Early Career.  Kersten and Nelson will be recognized at the University Leadership Awards Ceremony in May.

For 2011, 28 instructors, lectures and faculty members were nominated.

Nominees are:  Stacie Christian (HUD), Karen Dalke (SCD), Kristy Deetz (AVD), Sarah Detweiler (AVD), Alison Gates (AVD), Victoria Goff (CIS), Regan Gurung (HUD), Stephan Hall (HUS), Carol Hand (Social Work), Michael Hencheck (HUB), Doreen Higgins (Social Work), Warren Johnson (HUB), John Katers (NAS), Andrew Kersten (SCD), Katia Levintova (PEA), John Luczaj (NAS), Christopher Martin (HUS), Steven Meyer (NAS), Amanda Nelson (HUB), Deirdre Radosevich (HUD), Sara Rinfret (PEA), Denise Scheberle (PEA), Eric Shockley (HUS), Hosung Song (CIS), Linda Steiner (HUD), Linda Tabers-Kwak (Education), Bryan Vescio (HUS), and Amy Wolf (NAS).

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