Cartoon caption contest: ‘What did the sandhill crane say to the turkey?’

One can only imagine what’s happening on UW-Green Bay’s campuses while so many of us are away. This cartoon, by staff writer and cartoonist Michael Shaw, suggests one possibility. The only question is—what did the sandhill crane say to the turkey?

That’s up to you tell us in our first-ever cartoon caption contest. Submit your caption idea to Michael Shaw at and three finalists will be chosen. Then you’ll be able to vote for your favorite caption. The winner will receive the original drawing with their winning caption. The two runner-ups, a print of the cartoon with their captions. Put on those creative-thinking caps! The contest ends April 10, and judging the three captions will occur the week of April 13-17.

A brief reprieve from our current situation is good for the heart and soul. Let your creativity and sense of humor take wing!

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