The falcons are back!

It’s always a sign of excitement and hope on the Green Bay Campus when the (once endangered) Peregrine falcons return to their Cofrin Library “cliff” to reproduce. Here’s the latest from the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity:

“Last year’s nesting female Peregrine Falcon, Mimi, has been checking out the Cofrin Library’s nest box within the last few days. An unidentified male (likely Rupert, her mate from last year) has also been visiting the box. Once we get a better look at the bands, we will confirm whether it is truly Rupert or not. In the meantime, check out the LIVE nest camera on YouTube, set up by Green Bay Audubon student organization’s Jacob Woulf. While they aren’t very active just yet, you might catch a glimpse of them! We hope they nest here again this year.”

Watch developments on the nest box via Live Stream.

(Photo is from a previous year).