Education leaders launch game changing college-readiness program for Green Bay students

It’s easy to talk about the importance of education following high school. It’s another to actually do something real about it to build a college-bound culture.

Three Green Bay education leaders — NWTC President Jeff Rafn, Green Bay Area Public School Superintendent Michelle Langenfeld and UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller — are putting words into action with their commitment to Turbocharge with College Credit — a smart new way to speed Green Bay students toward college and the highly-skilled workforce while giving businesses the talent they need at an accelerated pace.

The trio shared the inspiration and vision behind the collaboration at a gathering of area business leaders on Feb. 28, 2017 at UW-Green Bay. By working together effectively and better than ever before, the schools’ Turbocharge program will successfully transition high school grads to post-secondary education by having them earn college credits — up to 15 — towards a certificate, credential or degree upon graduation.

“We know that students who take college-level courses in high school do much better when they get to college and they got out faster, which means college is more affordable,” noted Miller. “As partners, we’re committed to ensuring that all Green Bay high school students graduate with the equivalent of 15 college credits earned while in high school, putting them on the right path for the next chapter in their educational journey.”

The partners met with business leaders to ask for input on the Turbocharge program as well as to ask for ideas on how business and the community can become a fourth partner to ensure the program’s success. Turbocharge will be launched to students, parents and the community at a public event in April.


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