Voters pick ‘Ope’ as ‘Wisconsin’s Wackiest Word’

UW-Green Bay Communication students asked you to vote for Wisconsin’s Wackiest Word. The UWGB Comm Week team of students created a list of six new wacky words they think should become popular this year. With more than 200 votes, “Ope” was the winner. And WFRV had a bit of fun with it. See a clip from the newscast.

Here’s all of the clever nominations:

“Ope” – The sound midwesterners make when they are surprised

“Yeet” – To discard and item at high velocity

“Fauxpology” – An insincere expression of regret

“Chiptease” – A bag of potato chips that seems full but is mostly air

“Textpectation” – Anticipation when awaiting the response to a text

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