Desire to pursue public service drives PEA award winners

Excellence in academic performance and a desire to pursue a public service career are just a couple of the qualities exhibited by students Alex Moeller and Ashley Skalecki, recent co-recipients of the Public and Environmental Affairs Outstanding Student Award.

According to Katia Levintova, associate professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, this is the fourth time the award and scholarship have been given. The award recognizes students in Public and Environmental Affairs who have expressed the desire to pursue a career in public service and have excelled in their academic studies. Announced recently, the honor will be celebrated in May.

Ashley Skalecki

Ashley Skalecki

David Helpap, assistant professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, notes Skalecki’s excellent academic credentials.

“Her coursework has been fantastic and her desire to receive a master’s of Public Administration after graduation from UW-Green Bay illustrates her dedication to future success. The award is very well deserved,” Helpap said.

Lora Warner, assistant professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, noted Skalecki’s desire to learn.

“Ashley has an exceptional interest in learning whatever she can, not for the sake of the grade but for the sake of expanding herself,” Warner said.

Skalecki, a Green Bay native, is a senior majoring in Public Administration with a minor in Political Science. She credits her professors’ dedication for helping her achieve academic success.

“Many of them also help me pursue future goals and have a genuine concern for my educational well-being,” Skalecki said. “The faculty and staff at UWGB take the time to individually know their students and help them in an individualized way.”

Skalecki, who hopes to work in local government, said the course State and Local Government was very beneficial for her because networking with organizations outside of the classroom was part of the course requirements. She believes this will help her with similar situations in a post-graduation career.

Alex Moeller

Alex Moeller

Warner noted Moeller’s commitment and work ethic.

“It is a pleasure to work with a student who takes her learning so seriously, puts so much of her energy into her work, and has such a commitment to excellence,” Warner said about Moeller.

Warner credited Moeller with her commitment to organizing the “Steps to Make a Difference Walk” at UW-Green Bay, which raised money that was donated to non-profit organizations.

“Alex was instrumental to our success in raising just under $5,000,” Warner said.

Moeller has also worked to re-establish the Civics Club, working diligently to complete all necessary requirements established by the University.

Moeller, whose hometown is Seymour, Wis., is a senior with two semesters to complete before graduation. She is double majoring in Spanish and Public Administration with a non-profit emphasis.

Throughout her time in the program at UW-Green Bay, Moeller said she has learned that public administration is much more than simply public service. Learning how someone can make an impact in the public and non-profit sector really peaked her interest.

“My professors have shown me that Public and Environmental Affairs is a unique and ever changing discipline,” Moeller said.

The variety of lectures and class interaction in her Introduction to Public Administration course is what Moeller said really helped her answer the question, “Why is this so important?”

“I’m glad I’m a Phoenix and I’m very happy with my majors!” Moeller said.

Moeller credits her professors for introducing her to new opportunities, as well as encouraging her as she pursues academic and career goals.

“I am lucky to have professors that want me to succeed,” Moeller said.

Both students will be recognized for their accomplishments at the Celebrating PEA Students gathering in May.

— Story by Michael Duenkel, editorial intern, Marketing and University Communication

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