Art Agency celebrates Valentine's Day with 407 Gallery Pop-up Shop

Valentines Pop-up-ShopFrom the cute to the caustic, UW-Green Bay’s two-day Valentine’s Day Pop-up Shop offers a little something for everyone. UW-Green Bay student and Art Agency officer Cristian Andersson talks about the organization’s impromptu shop, running from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Feb. 13 and 14 in the 407 Gallery of Studio Arts.

“Pop-ups in general, what will happen is a gallery will swoop in on maybe a storefront or something that’s empty — there’s something it needs to fill. And a lot of times art needs a place to be. So having a gallery show up in a store building is the same as having something like this, you know, where we’re selling flowers, jewelry in a small little gallery that needed some space to be filled. So it’s just sort of something, appearing out of nothing, to kind of give sales to an artist and move art out there.”

“With Art Agency, we try to involve the students in learning how to become professional artists. They’re going to be doing it in a couple of years so it’s really good to learn some of the skills now through art agency. We do things like critiquing each other’s work talking about art we sponsor some events, like Empty Bowls.”

“We have some earrings, the flower arrangements, we have some really great silk scarves that have been going pretty good and then we have some other henna-type jewelry and things like that, so a wide variety of things that you can choose from.”

“We have some ugly dolls, they’re like these little red monsters you can buy, or some of these little hearts you know, you have ones that say love. … Then you have some rougher ones like, oh where is it, ‘you’re crap’— so it kind of goes across the board.”

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