Student Services roof deck construction to begin in May

Facilities Planning and Management has announced plans for a new Student Services roof deck designed to offer garden and green spaces, a place for art installations and an area for casual gathering. Resulting in part from three open forums held to discuss the space, plans include the following:

• An increase in roof deck insulation from an R-value of 15 to 34. R-values indicate an insulation’s resistance to heat flow, so a higher number means better insulating effectiveness.

• Inclusion of 7,270 square feet of recycled pavers

• Diverse garden and planter spaces totaling more than 6,700 square feet

• Two trellis seating areas totaling more than 1,300 square feet

Construction is set to run May 21 through Aug. 17 or so, with the heaviest noise disruption expected during the first two weeks of the project. Facilities Planning and Management will keep us updated on the details.

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