A new mission (sort of) for UW-Green Bay

Actually, it’s a more complete special mission. UW-Green Bay appended its campus mission statement last fall in response to a UW System and Board of Regents request that the various UW System institutions standardize their respective documents to include specific reference to programs of study and degrees granted. UW-Green Bay, and several others, consulted with shared governance and supplied additional wording as follows:

The University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the liberal arts and sciences and in professional studies that cultivate knowledge and encourage investigations into disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields, promote civic engagement and lifelong learning, and serve the needs of a diverse student body. Programs in the arts and humanities; business, management, and communication; science and technology; education; environment; health science; social and behavioral sciences; and social justice lead to a range of degrees, including AAS, BA, BAS, BM, BS, BSN, BSW, BBA, MS, MSW, and MSN degrees.

The expanded Special Mission for UW-Green Bay was approved by the Regents in December. It is now posted online at www.uwgb.edu/univcomm/about-campus/mission.asp.

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