Big changes for Interlibrary Loan

There are major changes this semester to the Cofrin Library’s Interlibrary Loan Service.

Previously, undergraduate and graduate students had been charged $1 for each completed ILL article request. Concerned that this has created a barrier for students needing to use the service, especially in such difficult economic times, the Library is eliminating this fee effective immediately.  “We hope that this will not only alleviate some amount of financial burden from our students, but will encourage them to use the service more.  Faculty and staff will continue to have free article service as well.”

The second change in Interlibrary Loan Service is an expansion of what can be provided by an article request.  Prior to January of 2010, the ILL department would seek out articles from other libraries if they weren’t held by the Cofrin Library.  If an article was owned by the Cofrin Library, patrons were responsible for locating, pulling and photocopying it themselves.  In order to save patrons time, the Interlibrary Loan department will now provide on-request, digital scans of these articles.   There will be no charge for these article scans and they may be requested in the same way as any other Interlibrary Loan article request.  “In fact, there is no need to figure out where an article is held.  Simply request it and let us figure it out!  If you have any questions about ILL, please contact Jeff Brunner at 465-2385.”

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