Haitian alumnus sends an update

The following e-mail was sent from UW-Green Bay alumnus Carl-Eric Staco to Brent Blahnik, Director of the Office of International Education. Brent shared an excerpt from that letter with the Log:

Hi Brent,
Things are better now even if the overall situation is still bad. When the quake struck, I had just left work and I was driving to the gym. I have to admit that it was a pretty scary situation…. Every now and then, we still feel some after shock. They estimate that about one million people already left the capital…. You ask me if I needed any help? Personally, I don’t but the rest of the people do need. The best way to help would be to give any nonperishable food, canned food, water, or even money if possible to organizations such as the Red Cross or World Vision. They are out there helping out a lot. Anyhow, we’ll stay in touch and hope that the cold is not too bad up there in Green Bay. Take care.
Carl-Eric Staco

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