‘Cool Doggo Surftown,’ one of five video games developed by UW-Green Bay students at Global Game Jam 2017

About 20 UW-Green Bay students, with a little oversight from faculty and professionals in the gaming industry, created five new video games at the University’s first-ever local Global Game Jam (January 20-22, 2017).

Global Game Jam is a worldwide event in which groups of computer science students, computer programmers and others have 48 hours to form teams and develop new, innovative games. The Mauthe Center was UW-Green Bay’s weekend launch pad.

Cool Doggo Surftown!, Lightwave, Microwave Safe, Totally Tiny Tactics and Ping were created from Friday night to Sunday, with final designs submitted and demonstrated Sunday evening. Cool Doggo Surftown! — featuring a dog riding a surfboard across the ocean and hopping over obstacles — wowed the crowd.

Representatives from ZyMo Entertainment and Human Head Studios stopped by at various points of the weekend, scouting talent and helping with the jam, Geisler said.

The teams could create video games or non-digital games, like board games or card games, but they had to be based on the the theme, Waves.

UW-Green Bay Lecturer Ben Geisler (computer science) and Assistant Professor Bryan Carr (communication) were the organizers. Geisler stressed that the event isn’t a competition, but a fun way to educate those interested in computer science and introduce students to professionals in the field and the possibility of a future career opportunity.

The new games are available at this website.

Green Bay Press-Gazette’s Shelby Le Duc featured the event.

Photo by Sue Bodilly, Director of Content, UW-Green Bay.

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