UW-Green Bay moves all Thursday, Friday finals online due to winter storm | NBC 26

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — Due to Thursday’s winter storm, UW-Green Bay made a significant change to its final exam schedule.

All final exams scheduled for Thursday and Friday were moved to online.

“It’s just less stressful, overall,” junior Madison Wright said. “You’re able to do it in your own environment.”

Several students who have yet to take finals are being supportive and understanding of the university’s decision.

“If I wanted to go home, I’m able to, I won’t actually drive tomorrow,” freshman Jonah Kochaver said. “Just makes it a lot easier.”

“You don’t have to hop out of your apartment and get to class,” said Cailan Sederquist, who recently graduated. “You get just to kind of dress comfortably, and just chill back at your place where you’re comfortable.”

“Don’t have to put real shoes on,” senior Joey Rietveld said.

“Slippers,” Sederquist added.

“Easy,” Rietveld said.

UW-Green Bay Provost Kate Burns says most students are thankful for the flexibility.

A parent of a student from Minnesota reached out to share how grateful they were.

“This change allowed them to be able to go home on Wednesday,” Burns said. “This student had been really worried and stressed about would they be able to make it home in time? Would they get stuck here and not be able to make it back for their holiday plans? So, this was just a load off their minds, and they were just really grateful to be able to focus on their finals as well as spend time with their family.”

The university gave students a couple days notice that finals were switching online.

But Burns says prior to the pandemic, the schedule change likely wouldn’t have happened.

“This was a, I think, an easier solution for all involved to be able to go online,” Burns said.

Because of COVID, the students have that virtual testing experience.

“I’m used to it by now,” Kochaver said.

Despite the winter storm, campus buildings were open for students Thursday.

Source: UW-Green Bay moves all Thursday, Friday finals online due to winter storm

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