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A recent graduate of Manitowoc Lutheran High School is showcasing her musical talent around Manitowoc County.

Bella Darvanian, who goes by the stage name Bella Rain, graduated as a Lancer last year at the age of 16 after moving to Manitowoc from Washington State seven years ago.

Before she came to Wisconsin, she got her start singing at veterans’ museums, at parades, and even performing at restaurants from a young age.

Her talent blossomed as she continued to perform and as she studied at Lutheran High School.

“I was in Lancers Singers, which is their selective choir, (and) I was also a part of all of the musicals and plays there,” she explained. “My favorite one was probably Fiddler on the Roof. That was my junior year, and I played Huddle, one of my favorite characters. I was also in forensics which is public speaking, and I did a lot of volunteer work. I was in the National Honors Society group, and we did a lot of volunteer work around the community.”

Bella is continuing her education at UW Green Bay – Manitowoc Campus, but she tells Seehafer News, “I haven’t decided quite yet if I want to go the music production route or the music teaching route. I definitely know I want to do something in music, but I’m just not quite sure which specific branch yet.”

While she figures out her future plans, Bella continues to perform all over the area in bars, at restaurants, at weddings, and at the Elks Lodge.

She has a wide category of songs in her repertoire, but her favorite songs to sing are by female country icons of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

“My mom is definitely a huge inspiration with that. She has a great taste in music, and I definitely think I share her music taste,” Bella explained. “She would always play the Judds. She loves the Judds. She has every CD by them. She has a huge CD collection and I went through it and put them all in my car.”

Tasha Darvanian is a huge supporter of her daughter’s work, as she is on hand for many of her performances.

We asked Bella if she ever thought about trying out for a show like The Voice or American Idol, and she said, “They do have open calls very soon, so maybe I will try it out.”

You can see where Bella will be performing by visiting her Facebook page.

Source: *VIDEO* Manitowoc Lutheran Grad Eyes a Career in Music | Seehafer News

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