Allow me to reintroduce myself – The Press names UW-Green Bay alumni as editor

Seeing my name (Heather Chrudimsky Graves) in this week’s paper likely won’t come as a surprise to Press Times readers, as my stories have filled the pages of the paper for years now. What may turn a few heads, however, is the title that now follows it – editor. Yep folks, you read that right.I humbly (and excitingly) announce I have taken the reins as editor of this dynamic, growing, hyper-local newspaper. As I wrap up the first week in my new corner office with a view, I can’t help but find myself at somewhat of a loss for words.I know, it came as a surprise to me, too. What I can say is this: The ride that has brought me here has been nothing short of serendipitous.

…I graduated from UW-Green Bay with a bachelor’s degree in communications (’02) with an emphasis in print journalism.

Source: Allow me to reintroduce myself – The Press

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