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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – One of the most important aspects of Election Day is ensuring the voting process is done fairly, and that’s where election observers come in.

Election observer Jim Cairns says, “Voting is the foundation of democracy. There has been so much controversy over the previous election as to whether they were fraudulent. I wanted to observe for myself.”

Election observers have many responsibilities, from watching the poll workers interact with voters, looking at the ballots going through the machines, and overall ensuring voters have a pleasant experience.

We visited two polling places to talk with election observers: the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and the Green Bay Metro Station.

If an observer sees something suspicious, they typically talk to the Chief Inspector located at each polling place. However, the observers we spoke with say they have not had any concerns.

Cairns was at the Metro Station, and he says about the setup, “I think it’s wonderful. It’s well laid out. The signage is great, the parking is great, the people are very friendly, and there’s a lot of room. The lines haven’t been long.”

Lise Gammeltoft was observing at UW-Green Bay, and she also felt the process was running smoothly.

“All the poll workers have been trained, and this whole process is very well run. In Green Bay, we should be proud of that,” Gammeltoft says.

Hundreds of volunteers for the League of Women Voters are also observing the election throughout the state.

Source: How Green Bay election observers monitor the voting process | WFRV

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