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An effort to attract wildlife and nesting birds is underway at Ken Euers Nature Area in Green Bay. It is the latest in a series of improvements.

“It’s always been a wetland, for many, many years. So what we’re doing is we’re improving that cell.” That cell, is a 25-acre pond, next to a long, earthen-berm heading toward the waters of Green Bay.

“We’re restoring the dike. So we removed all the trees that were along the dike. You may think that that’s a bad thing to remove the trees, but it’s actually a good thing in this situation. The trees actually compromise the stability of the dike, with the root system.”

When installed, a system of culverts is designed to help control water coming in and going out of the wetlands.

“That might not seem particularly important right now, with high water levels, but at lower water levels, and lower water times, that will be a good opportunity for us to manage that site for waterfowl and hold water in there,” said Amy Carrozzino-Lyon, Green Bay Restoration Project Coordinator, UW-Green Bay.

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