Green Bay’s Sequoir (founded by UWGB alumnus Justin Seidel) links community banks with cryptocurrency services

GREEN BAY – A Green Bay-based company is giving new hope to community banks looking to hold their own in a fast-growing competitive world of cryptocurrency and secure blockchain transactions.The offering is a software that integrates this new technology into the already available online framework banks provide.The language is still difficult for many to understand and so is the functionality. Additionally, there are restrictions for American banks which engage in certain activities involving cryptocurrency.But still, people keep talking about it, and the total value of cryptocurrencies topped $2 trillion in the first few months of 2022.In the midst of all this, Sequoir, a Green Bay-based fintech company, envisions the future of banking with digital assets — like your birth certificate or your land title— accessible at any moment, and with the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies to trade or make payments.

…This company believes in a future with integrated blockchain technology: a distributed digital ledger of encrypted transactions maintained across a worldwide public network.

“It’s just a matter of how it will be used,” said Justin Seidl, founder and CEO of Sequoir.

Seidl, a software developer, was born and raised in Luxemburg, 20 minutes from Green Bay. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (’11, Design Arts), lived in Chicago for five years and worked as head of product for the recruiting firm Hunt Club. In 2018, he moved to Green Bay with his wife and, around the same time, started Sequoir. Seidl said the name comes from a smash up of “Sequoia” and “acquire,” and the offices are located at the Historic Bellin Building, in downtown Green Bay.

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Source: Green Bay’s Sequoir links community banks with cryptocurrency services, Press-Gazette

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