Local woman (current UW-Green Bay student) shares love of henna with community for more than a decade – The Press

DE PERE – Little did Joy St. Pierre know when she made the decision to leave her office job to start doing henna, she’d still be plugging away at it 13 years later.“I hated working in a cube under fluorescent lights, but now I have a 10×10 cube outside with a breeze,” St. Pierre said.  “I worked in insurance and spent 10 years in the tax assessors’ office before I came to henna. I remember thinking, ‘I just need to get out of here and go do henna.’ Little did I realize that this statement I spoke 13 years ago, started the ball rolling to my awesome life that I have now.”

…Life pivotTo help support her henna dream, St. Pierre enrolled at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in pursuit of a degree in graphic design.“My original goal was just to make everything I needed for henna – like all my posters, banners, business cards and design sheets, which I can do. I graduated from NWTC in 2019 with an associate’s degree in graphic design and print technology.”The next step in her journey – a bachelor’s degree.

“I was never able to get my bachelor’s when I was younger, so I decided since I was halfway there, to continue my education at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. I am now a senior with only four classes left.”

Source: Local woman shares love of henna with community for more than a decade – The Press