In the news: Walker calls for another 2-year tuition freeze

Gov. Scott Walker on Friday (April 11) called for another two-year UW System tuition freeze, coming after a similar cap was enacted last year. In speaking with reporters Friday, Walker made it clear that the proposed freeze was tied directly to projections that the System will end the year with significant cash reserves, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. In a statement release Friday, System officials point out that three-quarters of the billion-plus in fiscal 2013 unrestricted program revenue funds are committed funds; and of the remaining funds, just 3 percent are flexible funds without specific documented plans. The remaining 22 percent are categorized as designated, meaning they’re held for a purpose related to the original fund source but planned expenditure is not documented. A sampling of media coverage, along with the full UW System statement, are linked to below:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Northwestern
Wisconsin State Journal
UW System statement

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