11 Simple Ways to Build Good Habits, According to Experts (w Prof. Alan Chu) | Tatler Hong Kong

Here’s how to stick to those new year’s resolutions, and change your life for the better. Sometimes it can feel harder to start and stick to good habits than to break bad ones. But establishing good practices and taking the initiative to improve your life, one small daily habit at a time, can lead to profound long-term changes and a deep sense of satisfaction, especially in this day and age, living in such extraordinary times under unpredictable circumstances. In light of the new year, and all those new year’s resolutions on your calendar, Tatler talked to top psychologists, behavioral experts, and life coaches to find out exactly how you can go about cultivating and adhering to good habits. Here’s their expert advice.Related: How to start a morning routine, 15 expert tipsSet smart goals and tell people about them.

“When we set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely, we are more likely to get rid of bad habits and establish better ones,” says Dr Alan Chu, assistant professor and chair of the sport, exercise, and performance psychology program at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. “For instance, instead of saying ‘I will use less social media,’ say ‘I will use social media on weekdays only between 6 and 8 p.m. for 20 minutes at the most.’ These SMART goals should progress gradually, meaning that people should not set goals to do things that are completely opposite to what they do right away, e.g. run three miles every day after having never run in the past five years. Research has shown that writing our goals down, posting them physically, e.g. on a fridge or desk, or telling friends and family about them help increase accountability and the likelihood of sticking with better habits.”

Source: 11 Simple Ways to Build Good Habits, According to Experts | Tatler Hong Kong

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