Style, Malloy and Sallmann earn faculty sabbaticals

To enhance their teaching and scholarship, three UW-Green Bay professors have been granted sabbaticals to take place during the 2013-14 academic year.

The news was made public this week after the University notified UW System of the sabbatical assignments. Sabbaticals offer select faculty members in-depth study opportunities to develop new directions and knowledge in their fields and incorporate them into their classroom activities. Next year’s honorees are:

•  Christine Style, professor of Art and Design, will take a full academic-year sabbatical to continue and expand three elements of her current research. She will spend time abroad, in India, to conduct research on Indian miniature painting and “singing picture scrolls.” Her plans also include an arts residency with creation of a new body of artwork, and subsequent exhibits and lectures on her work and research.

•  Kaime Malloy, associate professor of Theatre and Dance, will be on sabbatical for fall semester 2012. She will enroll in a professional cinema makeup school in Los Angeles to study new advances in special effects and makeup. She will then apply that knowledge to the benefit of UW-Green Bay’s award-winning theatre program and its curriculum.

Jolanda Sallmann, associate professor of Social Work, will be on sabbatical for spring semester 2013. She will pursue three, interrelated activities that provide problem-focused educational experiences for students, contribute to teaching/learning research, and promote intercultural knowledge and competence. Her work will involve examining a graduate diversity course’s impact on students’ cultural competency; working with local service providers to inform the development of regionally responsive, culturally competent curricular materials; and mentoring grad students on diversity research projects.

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