Faculty note: Gallagher-Lepak and Herdman give three-day workshop on Clinical Reasoning in Nursing in Romania

College of Health, Education and Social Welfare Dean Susan Gallagher-Lepak and Assistant Prof. Heather Herdman (Nursing) gave a three-day workshop on Clinical Reasoning in Nursing on Sept. 12 to 14, 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. The workshop was sponsored by the Romanian Nurses Association and the Nurses Association of Moldova. It was attended by nurses, nursing educators and nurse administrators.

In Romania, nurses are part of all structures of the Romanian health services system and are the largest group of healthcare workers. Educational pathways for nurses include both three-year (Nursing College) and four-year (University) programs. The four-year option was started in 2003 in compliance with Romania’s EU accession agreement. Romania offers universal healthcare to all citizens.


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