Prof. Saxton-Ruiz talks at Neville on Central America’s ‘chicken buses’

The colorful, American-made “chicken buses” used as mass transit by working-class people (and sometimes, their animals) throughout Central America will be the topic of a free presentation Wednesday night (Sept. 22) at the Neville Public Museum in downtown Green Bay.

UW-Green Bay Prof. Gabriel T. Saxton-Ruiz of Humanistic Studies will speak at 6:30 p.m. on “Mi Dios es poderoso or How to Ride the Chicken Buses of Central America.” He’ll explore the art, culture and history related to the refurbished school buses that find a new life in Central American countries, often painted with slogans as an expression of popular culture and as a space for traditionally marginalized groups to express themselves. For photos and more, click here.

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