Well done, Prof. Loomer

Al Loomer shakes hands with Mark Brunette

Al Loomer accepted congratulations as he took part in the recessional at the Oct. 29 Chancellor Inauguration ceremony.

The UW-Green Bay professor emeritus wasn’t the focal point of the investiture — Thomas K. Harden was the man of the hour, as he was formally recognized as the institution’s fifth chancellor — but Loomer received warm greetings along the way (here from former student and Alumni Association Director Mark Brunette).

Loomer’s participation in the event continued his impressive string of marching at UW-Green Bay commencements and academic ceremonies. Now age 96, the mathematician, meteorologist and veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force Navigation School began teaching college-level math at the two-year UW Center campus in Green Bay in 1955. He retired from UW-Green Bay in 1983.

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