Faculty note: Reilly publishes on nursing student travel & clinical experience in Brazil

UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Janet Reilly (Nursing) and her colleagues from the Universidad of Sau Paulo, Drs. Deborah  Falleiros de Mello, Maria Helena Larcher Caliri, and Fabiana Villela Mamede, along with Eliana Maria Fernandes de Aguair Tonetto, from the Ministry of Health in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil,  published an article titled, “An Innovative Exchange Model for Global and Community Health Nursing Education.” The team of faculty developed a hybrid course (online course coupled with face-to-face practicum experiences), which enrolls nursing students from opposite hemispheres. A  video by Reilly and article describe the innovative approach to nursing education and understanding of diverse cultures.

Understanding different cultures is important in educating nursing students who will become the health care workforce of our interdependent and globalized societies. International practicum courses help student nurses understand different cultures.

The video is now posted on the Nurse Educator home page.

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