Faculty note: Prof. Gurtu has a new co-authored peer-reviewed journal article

UW-Green Bay, Chair-Business Administration and Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management Amulya Gurtu has co-authored a peer-reviewed journal article for Strategic Management – International Journal of Strategic Management and Decision Support Systems in Strategic Management. The article titled “Paper and Packaging Industry Dynamics During COVID-19 and Their Strategies for the Future” has been accepted for publication. The co-authors are Jestin Johny and Oliver Buechse and this study involved many organizations from Greater Green Bay area.


Background: The paper examines the “mysterious case of the disappearing toilet paper” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Purpose: This paper describes strategic impacts on paper and packaging supply chains due to the pandemic through qualitative discussions with organization leaders.

Finding/conclusions: Several “behind the scenes” and less well-documented supply chain impacts in the Paper and Packaging, and Logistics Industries were discovered. The critical effects observed are: (1) impact on the manufacturing side was mitigated mainly by implementing CDC guidelines and by the willingness of industry leaders to go above and beyond to shield their employees from economic hardships. (2) The transportation sector has experienced a more severe workforce shortage, amplified by government actions before and during the pandemic. (3) Product specialization, a pre-pandemic strategy for industry participants, turned into a weakness during the pandemic due to unprecedented shifts in demand across sectors. (4) Traditional “lean” supply chain thinking is increasingly making way for a more interconnected “risk avoidance” strategic model.

Limitations/future research: The research is limited to organizations in Midwest U.S.A. and one organization in Europe.


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