‘New uniform’ for Public Safety’s Gross

star-warsNo, Police Lt. Jeff Gross of UW-Green Bay’s Public Safety division isn’t such a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan that he has his own replica Imperial Stormtrooper costume.

But Discovery network TV personality Adam Savage is, and does. And Gross is a good sport.

So, when Savage and “MythBuster’ co-star Jamie Heyneman entertained at the Weidner Center on campus Tuesday night (April 14), they needed some audience participation during a Star Wars-related bit. Lt. Gross obliged, appearing on stage before a near-capacity audience of about 1,700.

Savage — prior to his career blowing up things and testing weird hypotheses for TV, had a successful career as a Hollywood special effects expert, model maker and designer for major films including several of the Star Wars movies.

That’s Gross’s son, incidentally, in the photo, obviously excited that his dad agreed to take part in the show and was close enough in size to the costume’s owner, Savage, that the suit fit.

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