Links to Kaye appearances on MSNBC, Moyers show

In case you missed them, we offer links to archived video of Democracy and Justice Studies Prof. Harvey Kaye’s interviews last week with MSNBC and National Public Television. On the MSNBC news/talk program “The Cycle,” Kaye got a warm reception from the thoroughly stylish and progressive young hosts — Toure, Abby Huntsman, Krystal Ball and Ari Melber — in a six-minute interview and roundtable talk.

The lengthy 20+ minutes with old friend Bill Moyers on national public TV’s “Moyers and Company” is archived online.

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Reminder on Tuesday’s live chat — Moyers and Kaye will expand on their FDR-related discussion and take submitted questions in a live chat scheduled for Tuesday (April 15) at 1 p.m. CDT.\.

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