Harvey Kaye from the front lines in Madison

UW-Green Bay Prof. Harvey Kaye, Social Change and Development, has been a prolific writer on progressive causes, especially in recent months. His latest column has been posted to the Roosevelt Foundation site, New Deal 2.0, and also to the Huffington Post. It’s a play-by-play description of his trip to the Wisconsin State Capitol on Friday to join the pro-union demonstrators. See “Report from Wisconsin: This is What Democracy Looks Like” – click here.

Still more Kaye: ‘When FDR Came to Wisconsin to Fight the Kochs and Walkers’

Prof. Harvey Kaye contributed an essay to New Deal 2.0 placing the 1934 visit of President Franklin D. Roosevelt – and his speech at Bay Beach Park – in historical context that he says remains fresh today. Read more.

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