Faculty note: Senior lecturer Kevin Kain publication

Senior Lecturer Kevin Kain (Humanities) has recently published two articles in the peer reviewed journal Slavic & East European Information Resources:

Kevin M. Kain “Early Soviet Visual Antireligious Propaganda: The Display of Print Images in the Past, Present and Digital Future,” Slavic & East European Information Resources 19, nos. 3-4 (2018): 216-241.

This study examines information about the display of early Soviet visual anti-religious propaganda in the past in order to conceptualize its re-presentation in the digital future. Based on research conducted during a Research Fellowship at Hoover Institution Library and Archive (January, 2018) and other American and Russian collections, it considers printed visual images of the 1920s–1930s, including posters and antireligious periodicals. These materials make it possible to recover the structures and contents of historic propaganda displays and to replicate and re-exhibit them virtually with digital technologies.

Kevin M. Kain “Collecting the Revolution: New Directions in Research,” Slavic & East European Information Resources, 19, nos. 3-4 (2018): 141-158.

This article is based on research conducted in the Wisconsin State Historical Society Archive (Madison) and Archive of the Russia Central Book Chamber (Moscow, Russia). It assess the collections of materials relating to the Russian Revolution held in the Hoover Institution and the New York Public Library (NYPL). In particular, explains how and why Stanford University and the NYPL acquired bibliographic rarities published in Russia in the nineteenth century, including art books and journals, in the late 1920s.

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