Bauer’s acceptance remarks

The UW System News Bureau offers the following account of UW-Green Bay’s Angela Bauer, professor of Human Biology and special assistant to the Provost, receiving her Regents’ Diversity Award last Friday (Feb. 8) in Madison. The honor recognized, in part, her success with the TOSS program to fight the “achievement gap.”

Bauer said in accepting the award, “I know that many of us pour our hearts and souls into projects that we’re passionate about because we believe it will help our students. I know that not all of those efforts pan out — I’ve been there — but some of them do … and some of our efforts have truly made a significant impact on the experiences of the students on our campus.”

She particularly noted the importance of faculty and staff being intentional about creating community within classrooms and the campus as a whole. “I used to think that achievement gaps were about differences in academic preparation or in content knowledge. But while those things are important for students, they’re really not key to closing the achieving gap. Creating community really is the key…. and sending positive, affirmative messages about what students’ potential can be.”

Photo: Bauer at Regents
UW System has posted a snapshot of UW-Green Bay’s Angela Bauer posing with her plaque and presenter. Click here.


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