Video: Brian Sutton’s ‘Searching for Romeo’ opens Thursday

This is NOT Romeo and Juliet.

As playwright, UW-Green Bay professor Brian Sutton, explains, “In Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet fall in love at first sight, marry less than 24 hours after having met and at a time when they’ve spent only about 15 minutes together, after which Romeo kills her cousin in a fit of rage a few hours after marrying her, and when things go wrong they both commit suicide in grief over each others’ death… So my play (Searching for Romeo) portrays Romeo and Juliet as two hot and romantic but shallow, hormonally driven, impulsive, selfish jerks. In contrast, Rosaline and Paris are ordinary, even unexciting, but they’re reliable, dependable, dutiful, and simply nice. Their love blossoms slowly, growing out of friendship. They even try to suppress their feelings for each other, because they’re ‘supposed’ to be committed elsewhere and they don’t want to let other people down.”

It’s the premise for comedy and romance, and the highly anticipated “Seaching for Romeo” opens Thursday, Nov. 17 by UW-Green Bay Theatre and Dance and UW-Green Bay Music.

Says UW-Green Bay lead actor Nick Schommer, “It’s going to make you laugh. It’s going to make you cry. It’s going to make you feel every emotion.”  Tickets on sale at UTIC and any TicketStar location. Video by university photographer/videographer Dan Moore.

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