Workshop promises ‘tips and tricks’ for iPads, tablets

Say the people in the Learn Tech Center: “You won’t want to put it down! Once you use an iPad or tablet you’ll be eager to get up-to-speed quickly.” The LTC is gearing up to boost your productivity with some iPad and tablet tips and tricks in workshops Oct. 19 and 20. Staff will demonstrate
• Syncing email accounts and network shares
• Downloading apps directly from the app store or on your computer
• How to use pages, numbers, and keynote to display your Office documents
• How to work with photos and videos
• And of course, using the ‘tap’, ‘twist’, ‘pinch’, and other iPad gestures.

They’ll also cover a few of the apps they’ve discovered for instruction.

The workshop will focus mostly on Apple’s iPads, but Android devices will get some attention as well. To register and find information about these and other workshops. (Registration is not required to attend the iPad and tablet workshops)

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