Online Educational Videos – Workshop Planned

UW-Green Bay’s Technical Trainer, Pat Theyerl, is eager to share a variety of video tutorials with the faculty, staff and students of UW-Green Bay.

Here are just a couple of hundreds of topics covered: Career Development: Developing an ‘Elevator Pitch’; Principles of Animation (Squash and Stretch); Photography: Proper use of Backlight; Photoshop: Photo Correction; SPSS: Recoding Variables; Music Production: Gating Audio; Communication: Negotiating Your Needs; Leadership: Developing Political Acumen; Project Management: Defining Goals & Objectives; Digital Publishing: iBook, eBook & EPUBs; MAC OS: Yosemite; iPad: OneDrive & MS Office Apps.

Click the link to learn more about, or attend an upcoming workshop to get hands-on experience searching courses, creating bookmarks and playlists and sharing a playlist with others. The workshop runs from 3-3:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 5. Email Theyerl at if you are interested in attending.

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