Reminder: UW-Green Bay energy efficiency measures that make a difference

With the winter break coming upon us, Facilities Management would like you to help our university save energy while you are working remotely or away for the January period.

Some things you may not know, but each day our division utilizes building automation software to control the mechanical and electrical systems within our buildings and our outside plant. We monitor class and laboratory schedules, event schedules, and occupancy schedules in order to save electricity, natural gas, and domestic water. Since 2009, we have reduced our energy use by nearly 30%!

Here are some examples of the initiatives taken on a daily basis and some one-time initiatives based on identified projects:

  • Air handler shut down each night based on schedules.
  • Night temperature setbacks to protect our buildings during extreme temperatures in summer or winter.
  • Daylight sensors inside buildings and on our exterior lighting either turn off lights or dim the lighting.
  • Occupancy sensors in most of our rooms that limit illumination in unoccupied spaces to 30 minutes or less.
  • Carbon dioxide sensors in many of our newer classrooms that control air flow so we are not wasting energy in rooms with smaller enrollments.
  • Completing preventative maintenance on a scheduled basis ensuring the equipment is operating at an efficient level, while providing appropriate air flow and temperatures.
  • Replaced all faucet aerators from 2.2 gal/min to .75 or .5 gal/min.
  • Increased roof insulation on Student Services, Mary Ann Cofrin Hall, Instructional Services, Theatre Hall, Weidner Center, and Studio Arts.
  • Proper preventative maintenance scheduled on all HVAC equipment ensuring proper performance and extended service life.

So what can you do to help us save energy?

  1. Make sure any portable heaters in your offices are turned off each day and over the weekends.
  2. Make sure any coffee pots are turned off each day.
  3. When your office is closed for extended periods, please empty your refrigerator/freezer and unplug the equipment.
  4. For those using large, overhead exterior doors, please do not extend the duration they are open during any season.
  5. Eliminate any incandescent lamps from your table or floor lamps within your office or suite.

In addition, we have included a few links that you may find helpful whether you are at UW-Green Bay or at home.

Office of Sustainability – UW-Green Bay (

Focus on Energy | Focus on Energy

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