New UW-Green Bay job webpages are live

The UW-Green Bay web development and web redesign teams are excited to announce that the new webpages are live.

With the help of these new webpages, the goal is to generate increased web traffic to job postings and recruit top talent to our university.

Here are a few tips and resources for anyone updating content on the new webpages:

  • Please keep the prospective student at heart—this is a vital resource for them to become your student. We want them to be able to visualize themselves here.
  • Use plain language at about a 10th grade level. is a great resource to help write bold and clear content.
  • Keep updates within the space/containers created in each webpage. If you have a need for something more, please contact Web Development.
  • For consistency within, please refer to the UWGB Web Style Guide for editorial styles like using Ph.D. versus Dr. or UW-Green Bay versus UWGB.
  • Join the Web User Group on Teams for tips, resources, and best practices.

With the redesign complete, maintenance of these webpages will now be handled by the Web Development Team.  Please email any requests to

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