October LinkedIn Learning: Practice self-learning with podcast-style lessons

It’s PSL season… time to practice self-learning with podcast-style lessons!

Pumpkin spice latte or not, grab your favorite morning beverage and settle in with LinkedIn Learning to start your day. In under 20 minutes, these audio-only courses aim to help you overcome fear, build courage, manage anxiety, and more to tackle any situation thrown your way:

  • Lose Your Fear of Asking Questions at Work (7 mins)
  • Manage Burnout at Work with These Simple Strategies (8 mins)
  • Vulnerability: The Workplace Superpower Disguised as a Weakness (10 mins)
  • The Courage Habit (13 mins)
  • Good Anxiety: Harnessing Its Power for Good (13 mins)
  • Bring Your Human to Work (14 mins)
  • Conquering Freak-Outs and the Fear of Failure (18 mins)
  • Overcoming Overwhelm (18 mins)

The link for each of these podcasts can be found here.