The new phone books are here!

Still like the rugged dependability and new-paper smell of an old-fashioned phone book? You’re in luck. The new 2013-14 faculty/staff phone directories have been delivered. They are available for pick-up in the Marketing/Communications Office, but please remember that the printed phone books are distributed only to offices and units, and not singly, to individual faculty or staff. (It is done that way to better account for the limited supply.) To receive your allotment, have your designated phone-books-picker-upper report to Cofrin Library Room 820 between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Disclaimer I
Entries for the department listings are compiled by staff in the Office of Marketing and University Communication, supplementing basic information from the Human Resources database with additional details. To update your department listing — and it’s fine and even preferred if you do so throughout the year, as changes occur — contact Marketing and University Communication at 2626 or

Individual listings? That’s HR’s business
Individual listings in the print book are derived from the Human Resources database of permanent UW-Green Bay employees. To update your individual campus listing, send an email with any changes to Human Resources at Any changes for individual listings will be reflected in the online directory. For contact information on individuals employed on campus who are not permanent UW-Green Bay employees, see the department listings of the print book.

If you’d like a PDF…
The entire phone directory is saved online as a PDF, in case you’d like to print out extra books or sections or even pages for your own use. Or want a PDF at the ready on your home computer or other device.

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