Wis. Department of Safety and Professional Services offers additional information on LicensE

Announcing the LicensE Open House!  From September 28 through October 12, the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services is offering an opportunity to get to know LicensE a little better. During that two-week window, non-applicants will be able to explore the platform in a test environment.  You can “apply” for a license and receive communications from the department—just as if you were actually applying for a license.

Afterward, participants will have the opportunity to share feedback on their experience. If you would like to attend the LicensE Open House, please fill out the registration form HERE.  Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email.  We will send a reminder with participation tips before September 28.

Please share with anyone who would like to participate. Student support staff had previously provided a TON of license application assistance to applicants.  However, they didn’t have any familiarity with the new system and have not been in a position to support students/recent graduates the way they had in the past.  This open house is one of the tools being offered so student support staff can begin to build familiarity with LicensE.

Any questions, please contact DSPS’ Communications Director Greg Cieslewicz, greg.cieslewicz@wisconsin.gov.

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