‘Log’ e-newsletter update

Thank you for subscribing to UW-Green Bay’s ‘Log’ e-newsletter. In an effort to further streamline how we share internal information via the ‘Log’ e-newsletter, the Marketing and University Communication content team is updating the recipient list for the ‘Log,’ and the process by which news items are submitted and published for UW-Green Bay faculty and staff. All non-uwgb.edu email address subscribers will be removed from the ‘Log’ address list, and remain on the ‘Log Extra’ e-newsletter (external-facing) list only.

This opportunity allows us to share timely information with the appropriate audience. At this time, this does not change the distribution of the ‘Log’ each week. All subscribers with a “uwgb.edu” email address will still receive a weekly email with links to faculty and staff submitted information.

The updated ‘Log’ will allow faculty and staff to submit their news items directly. When content is posted, it will appear in the weekly ‘Log’ e-newsletter within categories such as announcements, news, events, etc. (All the same sections that are in the Log e-news currently.)

If you are a regular contributor to the ‘Log,’ you will receive an email prompt from the log@uwgb.edu in the next two weeks, asking you to “request access” to the new format. At any time, faculty and staff can email log@uwgb.edu to request updated access. Once you request access, you will be able to enter information and post your item. Additional direction on posting will be included.

(If you have an event/announcement that warrants a news release to the media or should be considered for a feature story, please submit that through the Project Request Form.)

The ‘Log’ transition is scheduled to happen the week of October 2, with the first new ‘Log’ e-newsletter edition published on October 9.

We are excited about this opportunity to improve our communication processes and appreciate your patience as we make this transition. If you have questions, ideas or concerns, please feel free to email Kristin at bouchark@uwgb.edu.

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