Marinetti, Nonn, Robaidek, Sewall addresses

The Office of Graduate Studies and the Office of Grants and Research have joined the Provost staff and are now part of the combined Cofrin Library 825/835 suite.

Mail for Mike Marinetti, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration, should be addressed to PROVOST; his new office location is CL 825C and his phone extension is 2454.

Mail for Lidia Nonn, Director of Grants and Research (located in CL 825A, phone 2565); and Char Robaidek, University Services Associate for the Office of Grants and Research (located in CL 825, phone 2784), should be addressed to GRANTS RSRCH and it will be delivered to CL 835.

All mail for the Office of Graduate Studies should be addressed to GRAD STUDIES and will also be delivered to CL 835.  Tim Sewall, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs/Director of Graduate Studies is located in CL 835C and his phone extension is 2033.  The position of Coordinator of Graduate Student Support Services is currently vacant, but the office is located in CL 825B and the phone number is 2123 (calls and mail are being accepted).

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